Group seeks political equity, advocates South East Presidency in 2023

 The National Political Equity Movement (N-PEM)  has called on well meaning Nigerians to reflect on the need for political equity in electoral process in the country.

Amb. Sunday Okereke, the group leader  N-PEM made the demand during a press conference in Abuja.

Okereke said that since the power ration at the presidency has conventionally been patterned between the Northern and Southern Nigeria, it was expected that power returned to  South-East in 2023.

” We strongly believe and advocate that major political parties to consider zoning the presidency seat to South- East Nigeria in the spirit of equity, equality, unity, fairness, national integration, loyalty, democracy and inclusion.

“We make this argument for the South-East equity presidency 2023 in recognition of established democratic norms and fact that political power is not given. 

“We advocate that based on Nigeria’s unique diversity, historical political structure other zones should support the South-East for presidency after 24 years of return to democracy, ” he said.

He further demand for speedily release of Nigeria’s democracy from captivity to promote national unity and development.

According to him, 2023 elections would present an opportunity for consensus building to promote the unity of Nigeria and give every zone sense of belonging.

“The movement is thus committed to inspiring peaceful interactions and engagement with leaders of thought and groups towards promoting South-East candidacy with merit in the next presidential elections”, he added.

N-PEM is a movement of patriotic Nigerians who support political democratic governance, equity, justice, fairness, merit, unity and Nigeria’s holistic development.

The movement  is driven by urgent and compelling need to restructure Nigeria’s political democracy. NAN