Group commends Senate over direct primary

A group, People’s Life Improvement Foundation, lauded the Senate over the of the Electoral Act’s allowing mandatory direct primary for the nomination of candidates by political parties.

Precious Elekima, President of the foundation, said statement on Wednesday in Lagos that the indirect primary option the internal party democracy in Nigerian politics.

According him, the passage of direct primary and electronic transmission of election results were equally good for the country’s political process.

“A governor in Nigeria is a god in his party, using indirect primary party nominations dictate who can succeed him as governor.

“Or who can vote for presidential candidates, who can be a senator, House of Representatives and State Assemblyman, also and councilors of local government.

“The power of president or governor only lasts for a maximum of eight years.

“However, with the new clause of the direct party primary, this clause stimulates hard work, popularity, integrity, and so on.

“This will be your bargaining power for the voters trust you,” Elekima said.

He said that the direct primary should be supported by all.

“Our best option for the preservation of political power is always better leave in the hands of the people.

“This is a win-win situation for the powerful and weak.

“The direct primary connects the ordinary people and the candidates.

compels the candidates campaign vigorously, which gives candidates a first-hand knowledge of the challenges of the people and society,” he said.

Elekima said that the indirect primary had robbed the country of very qualified people the opportunity succeed in being nominated become political party flag-bearers.

He on President Muhammadu Buhari assent the entire as passed by National Assembly, saying would be the legacy Nigerians would remember him for. (NAN)