Group Calls For Jonathan’s Impeachment, Seeks Civil Disobedience

Patrick Osadebamwen
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has accused of failing to uphold the of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as relatives to security of life and property, thereby qualifying him for impeachment.
Chairman, United Nigeria Group, Isa Tijjani which comprises  various socio political and ethnic groups across the country made this allegation Wednesday, at the a Press conference in Abuja.
Tijjana who was flanked by the group’s Vice chairperson, Madam Maureen Edena and the secretary, Lanre Subaru said President Jonathan woefully abdicated in his responsibility to Nigerians even though he swore  to an oath to ensure the security of their lives and properties.
“As democrats  we intend to follow a democratic means to solve the problem and that is by asking the legislature to commence possible impeachment proceedings against the President, to relief him of the onerous task of leading the nation which in any case he has failed.
“The responsibilities as contained in an oath sworn to by the President and his lieutenant woefully abdicated and abused the ship is sinking at a speed unprecedented in this country
“There are numerous impeachable offences this President has committed which we are sure our legislators know, chief among of course is his inability to protect the sanctity of our nations which guarantees the security of lives; the primary essence of government,” the group stated.
In view of this failure, the group has called on Nigerians to themselves and come out en to demonstrate the and “register our protest on the state of the nation that which the group believes is sinking at an unprecedented speed.
The group said the protest would be carried out peacefully with respect to rights of all but register the pain of the people of the nation.
The United Nigeria Group, called on the and state assemblies to improve their oversight functions on the respective institution under their purview to guarantee democratic consolidation and economic development which will benefit all citizens.
The group lamented the daily killings of Nigerians of all shades of life in different parts of the country without “commensurate strategy intervention aimed at containing the ugly scenario by the government.”
Tijjanni who addressed  the press conference said the government should pursue speedy compensation for the families who have left in deplorable conditions.
The group decried the neglect of victims of such heinous crimes as the perpetrators are brought to no justice and asked: “is that our lives are worthless or are we going to stand by and watch them sacrifice innocent souls on the alter of politicking?”

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