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Group calls for concerted effort to fight corruption in work places

AfroRedFlag White Collar Protective Shield Ltd, an independent private service-oriented company, has called for concerted effort to fight corruption in work places.

Dr Mannixs Paul, Chairman and Founder of the company, made the call at the launch of an initiative tagged, “AfroRedflag 2021 Innovation Drive for Africa”.






The event was held virtually in Abuja on Sunday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that AfroRedFlag is an organisation that provides expert knowledge and experience to promote rule-based oriented culture and advance workplace integrity.

According to Paul, the initiative is a new pragmatic approach for companies to change the fight against white-collar crimes and corruption in Nigeria and Africa at large.






“Our initiative is evidence-based, driven by disruptive innovation to cut cost and apply a strategic approach to combat white-collar crime and corruption in companies.

“Over the years, most African governments have made several efforts to fight white-collar crimes and corruption in various countries.

“However, based on the report of transparency corruption index reports, most Africa countries are regressive for the fight against fraud and corruption”.







He said that regardless of the statistical data analysis which supported the retrogressive outcome in most African countries, some relevant laws and policies were in place to regulate those shortcomings and ensure deterrence.

“This marks a milestone. With a wide range of collaborative effort, we are introducing Afroredflag as a game-changer.

“This is so as to shift the model for the fight against white-collar crimes and corruption to help the business community to achieve sustainability by mitigating the high risk of fraud and corruption in Africa.









“As we all know, these are changing times that both large and small companies cannot remain in similar failed paths of fighting white-collar crime and envisioning sustainability in business.”

Paul further said that nation-building was a shared responsibility for both private and public institutions and as such, every citizen had an obligation to do what was right for the good of communities and businesses.







“It is high time for us to do something differently from the usual standard and examine holistic views to reinvent the fight against white-collar crime and corruption based on countries’ value system in Africa that is cost-effective,” he said.

Also speaking, Dr Tersoo Shaapera, a Forensic Psychologist, said the traditional methods of fighting crime had been “seriously overstretched from arrest, prosecution and then conviction.”

He said that with AfroRedFlag, fight against corruption would be approached from the mind.







“We begin to fight it there up to the level of organisations as individuals.”

Shaapera said that the project would involve governments, state and non-state actors.

On her part, a Technical Consultant with the group, Mrs Caroline Ndubuisi, called for sustained effort  to nip corruption in the bud for a better nation. (NAN)

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