Group blames Nigerian politicians for insecurity

A Coalition of 92 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), led by Centre for Credible Leadership and Citizens Awareness(CCLCA),has blamed Nigerian politicians for the current security challenges facing the country.

Dr Nwambu Gabriel,Director-General, CCLCA and Convener of the coalition said this at news conference in Abuja on Tuesday.

Gabriel said that the group discovered that politicians were largely to be blamed for the problem after attending a recent summit on insecurity.








He commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his effort in fighting the security problem, calling for support from all Nigerians to enable him succeed.

He said that the Boko Haram group had become hydra- headed given birth to prolong local and international terrorism, banditry, marauders, rapists, cattle rustling and kidnapping.

He said that there were evidences to show that Nigerian politicians founded and funded the Boko Haram and Niger Delta militants for their selfish interests.











“It is clearly evident that politicians in Nigeria are the founders, root causes, financiers and pre- cursors of insecurity in Nigeria.

“Unfortunately, most government functionaries are here in Abuja dwelling on lofty ideas without being in touch with their constituents or at least create an avenue for regular engagement.

” These periodic town- hall meetings with their constituents is where the genuine efforts of President Mohammadu Buhari would be made known to Nigerians on a one-on-one grass roots level.










“No doubt, Buhari has done a lot in the areas of fighting corruption, agricultural transformation, railways, road networks and fighting terrorism and insecurity in Nigeria.

“However, Ministers essentially are to act as deputies to the President and Commander- in- Chief by projecting his efforts,” he said.

Gabriel said that while the president was working hard, some of his ministers were indulged in blame game and heaping accusations on his security heads.











“Again, we have also discovered the huge disconnect between members of the National Assembly and their constituents.

” In the Senate, most of the Principal Officers dwell more on diversionary issues rather than embark on result oriented legislations targeting job creation for youths and for peace, security and prosperity of Nigeria,” he said.

Gabriel urged the lawmakers at the National Assembly to remove incompetent leaders among them.








“The security, economic and political problems of our country are clearly caused by politicians especially those that have looted their states and now find a safe haven in the senate,” he said.

Gabriel passed a vote of confidence on all heads of security agencies in the country for the efforts in protecting Nigeria’s corporate existence, peace and security.(NAN)