Group Applauds IG Over Redeployment in Police Force

A group ,  Watch Nigeria (CWN)  has applauded General of Police ,MD Abubakar over the shakeup in the Police. In a statement signed by Omoba Kenneth Aigbegbele, executive secretary          and    Isaac Olamikan, its executive on  media &strategy , CWN said “after  critical  analysis of the security  situation  in the country including the recent cease fire  by the Haram coupled   with  the  redeployment  of the  of Police across  the country and  the reactions there after, CWN is compelled to ..

“pass a  vote of confidence  on the  hierarchy  of the police management  team  for the present  re-organization  within  its  fold  to reduce  incessant attacks on police formations across the  country and   criminality  to the barest  minimum,  as  new  strategies   put  in place  by the incoming officers will  assist to  curb  this  trend  and  reduce these activities accordingly.

It  also commended “the redeployment  of the COP  should be seen by  Nigerians as  a very strategic  security routine exercise  carried out  by the  IGP  to  enhance  effective  community  policing  across  the country so as to nip  in the  bud  the  barrage  of criminals,  kidnappings and killings  that  is  associated with communal clashes  that has  characterized our nation of recent  and the rise  in activities.

“CWN  sees  this  new  development  as a  welcome security  strategy  by the IGP to conform  with what  entails  else where  and to re-affirm its  commitment  to the transformation agenda  of Mr  President and  the present reforms currently going -on in the Nigeria  police  force. Nigerians should therefore, support  the police with every  necessary  information so  as to carry  out their  duties effectively  and  efficiently.

“The    of  securing  a nation  like  Nigeria  is very  enormous  and  challenging . So  the   training and re-training of the police coupled  with strategic  security   re-engineering by the IGP to meet  with the 21  century policing  across   the globe  is a  pat  on the back  of the present  leadership and  is a  management decision  been applauded  by well meaning  Nigerians  across  the  globe.

“CWN therefore,  re-affirms  its confidence  on the IGP  and  his   management  team, pass  a vote  of confidence  on  the leadership style, coupled  with the    human  capital development  of the  force and  urges  Nigerians  to give  their all to the police  to curb  criminality  where by  every  Nigerian  will go  to  sleep  with  their  eyes  closed,  safe and  sound  for investments.”



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