Governors Don’t Need Security Vote ,says Ezeife

Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife ,Third Republic old Anambra state has said that the Governors do have need security votes  if they are performing to improve the lives their citizens who trusted them with the office a .

“They do need that money they call security vote, (as) Anambra state , I had no security vote,.I did even take my salary it is still there.”

The former governor  said at the weekend while receiving an award exemplary leadership presented to him by the Character World magazine led by Editor-in-Chief Mr. Victor Osadolor at his office in Abuja.

He maintained that the  governors should redirect the bogus security vote money to more profitable ventures in their respective to curb the menace social vices by affecting the lives the people in a more positive way.

Ezeife said the governors have no need such funds especially as the nation is confronted with myriad of challenges fuelled by poverty which be addressed significantly with the security vote fund presently disbursed by the governors with no meaningful impact the lives of the people.

He said the security vote has been abused by  governors who are expected to use the funds to attend to issues that constitute  threats to the security of the and other issues of welfare of communities that may require immediate response outside the budgetary processes and the attendant delays.

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