Governor Badaru why Sudan not Jigawa?

By: Adamu Muhd Usman

It was recently reported that, the Jigawa state government has concluded its plan to 100 female students from Jigawa state to study medicine at the AFHAD University for Women Onduruman, Sudan.

And this is the second phase in which the state government is sponsoring students from across the state to study medicine abroad after sixty were sponsored to study in China about two years ago.

The Jigawa state government went further to say the sole aim of sponsoring the students to study medicine abroad is to bridge the gap in the and the students upon graduation are expected to work in their locality for a stipulated time.

All things been equal, this is a noble idea, fantastic move, giant stride, selfless service to humanity and a welcomed development. But something is fishy. Yes, there is something behind the cloud.

  1. If one may ask, what are the criterion or procedures that were used to select the beneficiaries? and this is a that should be well publicized for transparency, accountability and fairness.
  2. If one could vividly reflect back his memory I used this platform, online and some pages of newspapers to appeal to the governor to rethink on sending Jigawa indigene to study abroad at this crucial and critical time and I stated my reasons and even gave my suggestions or alternative to this regard.

(a) We talked about saving cost because the last time when we made calculation of the amount to be spent on sixty (60) people to study abroad, is more than enough to build a faculty of medicine in the state varsity, employ more lecturers, get some facilities and even provide an accommodation for them because the targeted expenditure (amount) was stated then in the government’s submission but this time around, the thing came silent without stating any amount that will be spent for the 100 students in the second phase

(b) It was assumed that, foreign studies especially on medical profession is not as good and sound as what is obtainable in Nigeria, because if you check almost all the foreign hospitals you will find Nigerians all over the places.

(c) Also with emergence of these deadly diseases (pandemic of Covid-19 and alike) that restrict flight movement and people from local movement not to talk of other far places

(d) We appeal to Jigawa state governor to build faculty of Medicine in the state varsity (Sule Lamido University Kafin-Hausa) which will solve all these problems and it will give an avenue or chance to accommodate other students from within Nigeria and some neighbouring countries as well to study here in Jigawa and the state revenue will definitely increase.

By the way, people will be trooping to Jigawa to study some of these professional courses because of the security/safety of the state Alhamdulillah (We thank God for that), conducive environment, good, modern and enough facilities among others. This will boost economic activities in the state as a whole and it will as well a lot of goodies to the state. In short foreign investors may wish to step into Jigawa state.

Well, we still appeal to Jigawa governor to please rethink on this plan while it isn’t late if I may guess right. Let’s build our own. Your own modest possession is better than depending on others.

Your excellency, we want Jigawa to grow. As Dr. Sule Lamido used to say, we want Jigawa in few years to come to be like Dubai, Singapore, Riyad, Cape town and other big cities in the world” and these are the processes to follow in order to achieve those dreams as the founder of modern Jigawa, Lamido laid or built institutions to that regard.

Sule Lamido has built Airport of an international standard, there are good road network, there were health facilities, schools at all levels are in place, discipline/morality is in place, security and other basic amenities are available that is why we are appealing to his excellency, Alhaji Badaru Abubakar to continue from where Lamido stopped and initiate other fruitful or yielding and lasting projects in the state that will make Jigawa continue growing positively in order to reach to the greatest height and your name shall be written in gold as one among or the second who served Jigawa diligently and heartedly.

Your Excellency you have taken 75% out of your tenure and this is high time to help advise you to act and act fast to do the needful in order to excel and end well and anything contrary to this is sycophancy.

Adamu writes from Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa state.