Governments Should Look Beyond Oil Revenue For Survival – Uduaghan

Uduaghan 600The , Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, has called on governments at all levels to depend less on oil revenue but harness their vast resources to develop their economies to ensure speedy of Nigeria.
Uduaghan, who the call on Saturday he was conferred with the 2012 Zik Prize for Leadership Award, organized by the Public Policy Research and Analysis Centre in Lagos State, said: “Nigeria can be buoyant without solely depending on oil revenue as all states have vast mineral and other resources, which they can develop and generate revenue from.”
He said that prior to the discovery of oil, Nigeria’s late Prime Minister, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, after whom the prize was named, and his co-travellers in the democratic then, did depend on oil.
Rather, Uduaghan said what they did was to develop the country’s abundant mineral and natural resources, with which they transformed all sectors.
He said: “ the late sage, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, and the others with whom he fought for were managing the affairs of the country, there was no oil revenue.
“Yet the country was buoyant.
“Governments at all levels should look beyond oil revenue and develop their economies to ensure speedy of the country.
“This is what we are doing presently in with the ‘Delta Beyond Oil’ vision.
“We are harnessing our various revenue sources so that we will become less dependent on oil revenue.”
Uduaghan, who was accompanied to the occasion by his wife, Roli, top government officials from all over the country and friends, said that the award will encourage him further in “building a state that will be dependent solely on revenue from oil.”
He called for a more united Nigeria, adding: “We need a strong Nigeria, a united Nigeria and a peaceful Nigeria.”

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