Gov Babangida to G7,Others :Remain Steadfast

babangida_aliyu_chief_servenat 600By Ibrahim Abdul’Aziz/Yola

Governor Muazu Babangida Aliyu of Niger State has attributed the crisis bedevilling the Peoples Democratic Party to the undemocratic attitude of some members of the party who placed their personal interests above the collective interest of the nation.

The governor charged his comrades in the G7 to remain steadfast despite the intimidation they face in the course of ensuring that justice and fair play has been entrenched in the polity.

“Many people did not understand what transpired when seven of us said we want true democracy to prevail in the ruling party”.

He added that they were fighting for the cause of the ordinary Nigerian in order to set the country on the right direction because any crisis in the ruling party is a potential disaster to the country.

“Whatever happens in PDP Will surely affect Nigeria because it is the ruling party and following the drift in the party we the concerned members felt that we must make sacrifices in order to restore equity, justice and fair play in the polity,” he said.

He lauded the indefatigable role being played by Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar whom he said is a true democrat following his overtures with other democrats at ensuring sanity in the ruling party.

“I want to articulate my earlier appeal in Sokoto where I you former Vice President to help us unify and unite northern brethren to ensure that we have one northern entity devoid of primordial sentiments and differences.

“We need unity, peace and mutual understanding with sense of responsibility. We need unity in our country”.

He said following the culture of impunity that was entrenched in the party some elders who wanted the reign of impunity to continue in the party were up in arms to frustrate them.

“Those elders who are more concerned with achieving their personal interest than with the interest of the people were so bitter and rattled. I believe that people have now begun to understand the issue that we are really for the unity of the country”.

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