Glimpses into Obemata’s Triptych

TripTriptych is Obemata’s deeply reflective and insightful journey in which he confronts and to know himself whilst challenging his readers to do the same. He also delves into the world of the African exile and brings a fresh treatment to the vicissitudes of otherness in the modern world. Triptych also highlights in beautiful metaphors the burden of patriotism in a society that sometimes can exasperate and deserve resentment, but which must never be abandoned.
Obemata was born in Bauchi, north-east of Nigeria. He is a , essayist and columnist. His poems been published in online magazines and newspapers like Sentinel, African Writer, African Writing, Origami, The Guardian and in the Canadian anthology of poems, ‘Witness’ (Serengeti , 2004). He lives and divides his time between his homes in Abuja, Nigeria and Farnham Royal, England

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