The Gestapo Impunity And Emasculation Of Yola North Chairman, By Hajiya Jummai Ali

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There is nothing in the world to quality the current acts of impunity by Governor Muhammed Umaru Jibirilla other than Gestapo acts targeted against an innocent, elected LGA Chairman. The governor’s polluted ideas and reckless attitudes have been described by scholars as being worse than a tyrannical military governor.

The governor has been masquerading as a democrat but far beyond the garb, the governor is a Gestapo one while pretending to be a democrat.

Apart from doing away with Paris Club releases for Local Government Areas of Adamawa state, Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla also has been asphyxiating them even from their revenue generations as well as diverting their statutory allocations from the FAAC in the name of building shabby roads in the state.

he impunity of the Governor became wild when he asked the Adamawa state House of Assembly to suspend two Local Government chairmen Mr. Vrati Nzeanzo and Alh. Mamman Abba, of Lamurde and Yola North Local Governments respectively.
The action was a deliberate one because the chairmen did not infringe on the constitution of Nigeria 1999 as amended or run contrary to any provisions of the law but the main target was and still remains Alh. Mamman Abba, the chairman of Yola North LGA.
The state House of Assembly which has now become a shameful rubber stamp to the executive, displayed an uncanny altitudes as it took the letters suspending Alh. Mamman Abba to the governor and he did not investigate it but  signed it within minutes of the letter getting to his table.

After attempts to make Alh. Mamman Abba, dance to the satanic melodies of a failed member of Yola North in the Assembly Suleiman Alkali, were botched they resorted  to blackmail with trumped up charges of misdemeanors which they cannot substantiate. He was declared wanted but he went to court and the law courts threw out the illegal arrest warrants, illegal suspension and finally restrained the Assembly from meddling into the affairs of Yola North.

The Governor in his whimsical and capricious tendencies disobeyed the law courts despite the judgment which was delivered that the suspension of an elected chairmen was null and void, the court further restrained Suleiman Alkali, the Governor’s (ally), or the house of assembly from suspending or ordering the arrest of the chairman but shortly after he assumed office the government using the assembly as aprons again urged all the directors in the LGA not to receive orders from the chairman.

The Governor  is using the state house of assembly to enfeeble ..the smooth development at the grassroots level in Yola North because he does not like the elected incumbent chairman, Mamman Abba.
Problems started when the chairman contested against the son in-law of the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Abdurahman Abba Jimeta. Since that time, Bindow has not forgotten the shameful disgrace  as the people of Yola North teamed up behind Alh. Mamman Abba to defeat the son in-law of Abdurahman Abba, because of this Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla has vowed to frustrate and stagnate democracy in Yola North by his incessant overbearing intervention using the house of assembly as pawns. A member of the state Assembly and an illiterate who cannot properly write his name is being used as a fulcrum to frustrate the smooth development of Yola North under Mamman Abba.

Political observers and the electorate of the Yola North are asking questions: how the Assembly can blatantly disobey a court order restoring normalcy at Yola North by ordering that all directors not to take orders from Abba? The people of Yola North who trooped out en masse to vote Mamman Abba as the LGA council Chairman are now bracing up for  a massive demonstration to call the bluff of the Governor who wants the Local Government to remain backward while other Local Governments in Adamawa state are moving ahead.

Why can’t Governor Jibrilla do same to the Mubi North Local government chairman, why has the Governor suddenly turned a Gestapo yet claims to be a democrat?  He is seeking a return ticket yet his altitude is too selfish and narrow-minded. There is total disenchantment in the way and manner Governor Jibrilla is (starving) the twenty one local Governments in Adamawa state of funds in the name of constructing roads in Adamawa state.

Adamawa State has become a Government of brigands, liars, and sexual predators such that young girls are no longer safe because of sex hungry leaders are now at the helm of affairs. Salaries are not being paid to health, Local Government, and Primary schools workers.The people are feeling the pinch of maladministration and reckless altitudes of the leaders.


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