Gender Mainstreaming In Democratic Governance On The Front Burner

Jim Pressman, Reporter.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Democratic Governance for Development Phase II Reformulation Stakeholders Consultation [March 26- April 5, 2012] enters its day 9 and final session Thursday April 5 at Abuja Sheraton with theme “ Mainstreaming and Women Empowerment.”

Stakeholders will at talk-shop identify mid-, short- and long-term issues, needs, and potential strategies, and carry on a step further discussion on “Strategies and Approaches for Effective Mainstreaming and Political Empowerment of Women.”

At Thursday April 5 session which begins at 9 am at Abuja Sheraton venue, a battery of notable foot-soldiers in vanguard of activism to effect gender mainstreaming in our national life will be on hand to delve into institutional priorities. Lead Discussant will be Amina Salihu, with other participants including Abiola Akiyode, Oby Nwankwo, Mustapha Ciroma, Saudatu Mahdi of WRAPA,

Abiola [WECON, WEP, FOMWAN, DEC, LEADS, GADA], Mrs. Ejiro Otive, Mrs. Esther Adeyemi (Ministry of Women Affairs), Omowumi Asubiaro-Dada. Other discussants are Maureen Lance-Onyeiwu, Equity Advocates/Gender on the Balance boss Ene Ede, Rekiya Momoh-Abaji, and Iheoma Obibi.

There will also be another Roundtable, to be led by lawyer-activist and academic, WACOL boss Dr. Joy Ezeilo. Their discussion will centre on “Political Party Engagement,” and will be joined by Abiola Akiyode, Oby Nwankwo, Mustapha Ciroma, Amina Salihu, Saudatu Mahdi, Mrs. Ejiro Otive, Mrs. Esther Adeyemi (Ministry of Women Affairs), Omowumi Asubiaro-Dada, Maureen Lance-Onyeiwu, Ene Ede, Rekiya Momoh-Abaji, Iheoma Obibi, and Abiola [ plus representatives from WECON, WEP, FOMWAN, DEC, LEADS and  GADA].

Other topics for thrashing out roundtables are:  Promoting Women’s Participation at the State and National Level, Target stakeholders and advocacy strategies, and Measuring women’s political empowerment and gender mainstreaming.

The sessions will round up Thursday afternoon, with a Debrief staff of Democratic Governance for Development (DGD) , co-facilitators of the Abuja Phase II Reformulation Stakeholders Consultation.

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