Furious Fintiri Blasts Nyako, Threatens Ex Gov’s Aide

Sacked Acting Governor of Adamawa State ,Ahmadu Fintiri has blasted impeached Governor Murtala Nyako over his insistence that his impeachment was not constitutional.Nyako had in his congratulatory message to Bala Ngilari, his ex deputy who has been sworn in as governor expressed hope that soon a court reinstate him to office because the impeachment process was illegal.
The sacked acting governor, who has reportedly returned to his former officer as Speaker ,Adamawa State House of Assembly ,also threatened that Nyako’s spokesman could draw the ire of the state lawmakers over his statements on behalf of his boss. “Ahmed Sajoh should in his own interest avoid drawing the ire of the state legislature by constantly attacking or castigating it over sundry issues. The impeachment of his boss has become history and should not therefore be exhumed for whatever reason”, Fintiri said.
Fintiri’s media aide Solomon Kumangar recalled in a statement on Saturday that “ In a congratulatory message to his Excellency, Governor Bala J. Ngilari, after he was sworn-in on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, as governor of Adamawa State, the former governor, Murtala H. Nyako, through his media aide, Ahmed Sajoh, made the following scathing remarks against the state legislature. He said “His Excellency, Admiral Murtala Nyako, wishes to express satisfaction with the judgement passed by the Federal High Court in Abuja, declaring that former Deputy Governor Bala James Ngilari has not resigned as Deputy Governor.
‘This is a further testimony to the fact that the entire process associated with the purported impeachment saga had been just series of acts characterized by extreme illegality and political brigandage.
‘Buoyed by a system that promotes impunity and abuse of all legal and constitutional procedures, the lawmakers in Adamawa State took it upon themselves to abuse all known legal norms to enthrone a regime anchored on illegalities.”
“He added thus: ‘We wish to observe that this is the first step in the judicial process of correcting the wrongs of the Adamawa State House of Assembly.
‘We are confident that the Nigerian judiciary will further confirm the injustices associated with the purported removal of Governor Murtala Nyako, which was done in a manner akin to a civilian coup d’etat.”
“Finally, he said:’The process of the reversal of all the series of illegalities connected with the supposed impeachment saga has only just commenced and will continue until it culminates with the return of Governor Nyako to Government House, Yola.”
Fintir said “I have quoted Governor Nyako’s spokesman at length first to expose his ignorance of the law and the constitution of the country that guides the practice of democracy and the observance of the rule of law in Nigeria. Secondly, I want to debunk the obfuscations, half truths and plain lies he hinged his arguments in order to deceive the good people of Adamawa state and the international community on the atrocities his principal committed in the state that led to his impeachment and abrupt termination of his chaotic and dysfunction administration.
“Let me emphasize at the onset that the process that led to ex-governor Nyako’s impeachment followed due process and was guided by the relevant sections of the Nigerian constitution. In short, nothing was done outside the law to impeach the former governor and I must emphasize that given another chance, the man would be impeached again for his grievous sins against the state. It is therefore surprising that in a congratulatory note meant to express delight with the new governor, the impeachment process became the issue at stake as if it was a new development being revisited for review by a judicial committee.
“It is necessary to briefly recall what transpired that led to Nyako’s ouster from Dougirei Government House, Yola, from June-July, 2014. It was in the public domain that the ex-governor committed impeachable offences and the state legislature used its constitutional powers to raise alarm, call for clarification by the executive arm of government before issuing impeachment notice to the former governor. Under normal circumstances, the ex-governor was required to communicate with the state legislature and clarify the issues raised by the state House of Assembly. But using impunity that was the hallmark of his administration, the former governor thought no one had the right to question whatever he did in office as governor, as he was above the law in the state.
“The 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) has separation of powers between the three arms of government, the executive, legislature and judiciary. Each arm has its functions, duties and responsibilities. Just like any other legislative body in the country, the state legislature exercised its oversight functions and detected the constitutional breaches that led to the impeachment process.
“When the impeachmenIt process began, the ex-governor was promptly issued with the impeachment notice. Nyako evaded service until the House of Assembly opted for substituted service through a sworn affidavit. Where was ‘llegality’ here? When the State Acting Chief Judge, Justice Ambrose Mammadi, constituted a seven-man investigation Committee, the former governor was invited to appear before it and defend himself but he refused to do so. Was this an “abuse of all legal and constitutional procedures?”
Conyinuing the statement said “The 7-man investigation Committee completed its assignment and found the ex-governor culpable in all 16 allegations of corrupt practices against him. It submitted its report as demanded by the constitution and the law naturally took its course. Why should the former governor and his spokesman continue to shed crocodile tears and castigate the state legislature over its rightful constitutional responsibility? Should the state legislature become a lame duck such that both acts of impunity and constitutional breaches by the executive arm of government be overlooked? Why are separation of powers and oversight functions of the legislature entrenched in the Nigerian constitution? Are they not meant for corrective action?
“I must make it abundantly clear that the impeachment process that led to the ouster of the former governor followed due process and was completely guided by the constitution. The state legislature exhausted all available avenues for conflict resolution before resorting to its last option, which was impeachment. Those shedding crocodile tears and using propaganda to blackmail the state legislature are engaged in a baseless and futile action.
The sacked acting governor said “I am happy that Ahmed Sajoh, ex-governor Nyako’s spokesman, advised the new governor to avoid the pitfalls that brought down his principal. He said:”He should be mindful of the nature of Adamawa State as a diverse and plural society and, therefore, rule the people oo justice, fairness and the fear of God.” This is plain admittance of guilt and a call for more compassionate leadership. It is needless to remind the new governor of the demands of his exalted office as he is not new to such office or handicapped by the inadequacies of his former boss. As far as I know, he is a learned gentleman who has for long been exposed to the complex roles of leadership and can distinguish between right and wrong actions.
“ Finally, Ahmed Sajoh should in his own interest avoid drawing the ire of the state legislature by constantly attacking or castigating it over sundry issues. The impeachment of his boss has become history and should not therefore be exhumed for whatever reason.