‘Full-Scale War’ :Jonathan threatens to Withhold Funds from States Over Amaechi

Even without a whiff of the intrigues –the- scenes, those watching the unfolding events  within the ruling party,PDP  in the last couple of weeks can discern some desperation.Insiders said the story of the plot by President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP to remove   Governor Rotimi Amaechi  as chairman of the Nigeria GovernorS’Forum has been a cloak –and- dagger affair.

An attempt to remove Amaechi at the penultimate meeting was aborted . made the presidency even more desperate.Next was the deliberate attempt to break the governors’ forum as PDP governors were summoned to Abuja for a meeting in the villa.A  source told Newsdiaryonline.com some intriguing events preceded the creation of a splinter group now known as the PDP Governors’ Forum:

Jonathan took unusual steps .He made personal calls, he worked the phones  and he spoke directly to the governors.He used all tricks including blackmail, threats and intimidation. He threatened to withhold excess crude fund and he may not sign the budget if Amaechi emerges as chairman of the Governors Forum .After the NGF postponed the election of chairman and with a looming confrontation with the national assembly,Jonathan backed down and he has signed the 2013 budget though .But the governors who received the threat directly from the president are said to be in shock.

The plot to stop Amaechi  was why  the president  rallied PDP governors  him a  last Sunday.Yet another interesting revelation from an informed source was there was an attempt  to exclude Amaechi  from the PDP governors’ meeting in the Villa.He got to know and made inquiries ,and sensing the attempt  to shut him out had failed, he was eventually allowed to attend.

Newsdiaryonline.com  learnt that Jonathan made it clear that the plot to stop Amaechi was like a full scale war which  he is not prepared to lose. Sources said the president has gone to great lengths to outline Amaechi’s sins.

He told the governors he spoke with that Amaechi is fighting him and he allegedly tried to show evidence.One such evidence the president bandies is that “Amaechi was abusing him in Calabar a retreat for the lawmakers in the heat of the Soku Oil controversy” a source said.

The president also  convinced his allies in the PDP that there was the need to form a PDPGF because nobody replies the opposition when they attack PDP.It was against this background that the president succeeded in creating a splinter group,PDPGF to battle Amaechi to the finish.

Newsdiaryonline.com learnt that having succeeded in creating the splinter group and with the emergence of Governor Godswill Akpabio as the PDPGF chairman, Jonathan and his allies  had really hoped that the removal of Amaechi  as chairman  of Nigeria Governors’ Forum on Monday evening would be the icing on the cake.But the intrigues did not work out according to their plans.

Actually, they expected  a on Monday.And their  preferred  successor to Amaechi is Governor Ibrahim Shema of state,it was learnt.But there were candidates on the ballot for the chair such as Gov Theodore Orji of Abia state, Gabriel Suswam  of Benue State, Jonah Jang of Plateau State.

They had come for the meeting hoping to get 19 votes .Aside from that ,they also allegedly had a document and got people to be signing something.But Newsdiaryonline.com   could not confirm the content of the document.

As soon as it became clear that Jonathan will be defeated  if the votes were taken, agitation for postponement started.Even some of Amaechi’s supporters among the governors also canvassed for postponement.One source noted that Amaechi seemed to be prepared for the election.

Some governors were overhead whispering to one another that if Amaechi defeats the president,”he will deny funds from  the excess crude  account, he will not sign the budget”one source recalled.And it became quite clear that Jonathan has indeed drawn a battle line.He sees this as a do-or die  affair.

Sympathizers of Amaechi in the governors’ forum keep wondering why the president has gone this far.The president has refused to believe that Amaechi  not  vying for any position in 2015

Despite What Amaechi’s supporters may claim,Jonathan’s mind appears made up about the need to flush out the governor as NGF Chairman.It was learnt that the presidency resorted to this tactics of tackling the River State Governor after attempts to use the courts to remove him from office as governor appears to be so far, unsuccessful.

Newsdiaryonline.com  had also reported that just as Jonathan tried to lobby governors, Amaechi too has his core supporters from among his northern colleagues.Governors Babangida Aliyu of ,Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano and Sule Lamido of Jigawa are said to be leading the pro-Amaechi coalition.

But rhere appears to be danger still in the horizon for Amaechi.Newsdiaryonline .com has learnt that the presidency may be working on a plan B henceforth.Sources say, the president’s handlers are toying with the option of breaking the ranks of Amaechi’s men ;and the plan any time soon is to  offer  the post of NGF Chairman to Babangida Aliyu ,who is currently the chairman of Northern Governors’ Forum.Those close to Aliyu however suggest that the plan may be dead on arrival as he and his colleagues are determined not to abandon Amaechi at this crucial time.


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