FRSC cautions motorists against driving in flooded roads

The Federal Road Corps (FRSC), Enugu Command, has cautioned against driving in flooded plains, roads and areas in order to avoid being tripped.

The Sector Commander of FRSC in Enugu State, Mr Ogbonnaya Kalu, gave this warning speaking with the News Agency of (NAN) on Thursday in Enugu.

Kalu spoke on the background of the precautions to be taken by as some roads or are now overflooded in the country.

advised to avoid taking routes they are not familiar with in flooded communities.






“If you notice there is a gradual flooding coming, even in a road you know well, please drive fast to high-land or hilly area of the road


“But if it is your first time to ply the road and it is already flooded, it is better and advisable to reverse and discontinue the journey.

“Alternatively, you the vehicle in a safe place and wait until the rain stops and the flood subsides for you to continue your journey.

“It is unwise to drive oneself and other vehicle occupants flooded area and get tripped as well as put their lives in danger,’’ said.






said the state command was always ready to help out and victims could seek the assistance of the National Management Agency (NEMA) and similar organisations  for a holistic rescue.

Kalu noted the warning became necessary so motorists could play their part and people would not get danger due to avoidable incidents. (NAN)