Fresh Twist In APGA Forgery Case as Party Urges Jega to Stop Omo-Agege

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National leadership of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) yesterday called on Professor Attahiru Jega, the national chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to call Mrs. Regina Omo-Agege, the commission’s director of Political Party Monitoring and Liaison (PPML) to order.

This is even as it claimed that the woman has falsified several documents submitted to the commission by the Alhaji Sadiq Masalla group in an attempt to discredit the group and keep Chief Victor Umeh, whom they claimed is her “bosom friend in office inspite of the resolution of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party to suspend him.

The party also alerted the commission of alleged plots by the director to give evidence in a “curious re-opening of police investigation” of the allegations of signature forgery against some APGA chieftains when the Police Forensic Report on the matter had concluded investigations on the matter.

In a letter to the INEC boss dated November 9 and signed by Dr. Ifedi Okwenna, APGA national secretary, “INEC should stop her from going to give unsolicited evidence to the Police and the Police should be careful with any evidence from Regina Omo-Agege as that must be skewed to favour her ‘bosom friend’, Chief Victor Umeh and shall be capable of ridiculing the Nigerian Police Force as a public institution”

APGA had in the seven-page letter, claimed that among others that Mrs. Omo-Agege has torn off two pages of the resolution passed by APGA-NEC members on Chief Umeh’s removal in line with Articles 19 and 22 of APGA constitution, claiming that the members who took such resolution did not form quorum whereas she is unaware that “we submitted and have two duly stamped letters of 22nd June”, both of which bore the regular signature of the people who have been receiving INEC correspondences and that the movement of the said letters terminated in her office.

The letter was copied to the Head of Civil Service of the Federation; Inspector-General of Police (IGP); the Director-General of the State Security Service (DG-SSS); Omo-Agege herself and Chief Edwin Clark.

In the letter, the party insisted that “INEC approved the NEC meeting of 16th July and M/s. Omo-Agege and her other officers of the department participate and monitored the NEC meeting.

“While in the meeting, she was very hostile and insultive to members which led to a near collapse of order, but for the mature way we handled her conduct and the many controversial actions she took.

“Her colleagues who monitored and participated in the meeting jointly wrote a report of the meeting, but Regina Omo-Agege refused to sign the report.

“She tore off two sheets from the attendance sheet and quickly called us to say that the attendance at the meeting was less than the required two-third and therefore no quorum was formed.

“When we brought forward our own copy of the attendance which included the missing sheets, she initially refused to accept the sheets until we pointed the names of people she know that participated in the meeting but whose names were conspicuously missing in her attendance sheet.  Thereafter, she accepted that quorum was actually formed at the meeting”.

Bringing up further allegations on how she allegedly has been frustrating authentic actions of the party, the party said that “Regina Omo-Agege misled INEC into writing the letter INEC/LEG/APGA/222/11/313 of 26th July where the commission purportedly offered recognition to Chief Victor Umeh and Alhaji Sani Shinkafi as national chairman and secretary respectively contrary to the APGA-NEC suspension order of 16th July”.

They maintained that since the police forensic report clearly “showed that nobody forged anybody’s signature” and since the same people who claimed that their signatures were forged attended the APGA stakeholders meeting in Awka on 6th November, “where they showed openly that they are back with us and equally signed the communiqué calling for Umeh’s honourable exit from the party’s leadership position, he still lays claim to, the matter is closed”.

Informing Jega that they have no confidence in Omo-Agege still reporting to the commission on  any matter on APGA, “INEC should set a machinery in motion to investigate the allegations; should immediately and recognize the APGA NEC meeting of 16th July and stop her from giving unsolicited evidence to the Police as that must be skewed to favor her bosom friend, Victor Umeh”.


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