Free education: Ganduje approves execution of special projects

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By Abdallah el-Kurebe

Governor of Kano State, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has approved the immediate execution of some special projects in efforts to implement the state’s free and compulsory education.

A statement by Muhammad Sanusi Sa’id Kiru, Commissioner for Education, made available to Newsdiaryonline on Tuesday said the projects would be executed in the state government’s “effort to ensure smooth and realistic implementation of free and compulsory education.”

The projects include: Construction of two storey building of classrooms at Government Girls Secondary School, GGSS, Dangora in Kiru local government; GGSS, Dangana in Nassarawa local government and GGSS Kuidawa in Dawakin Tofa local government.

Others are renovation of four classrooms at GGSS Kwa; one classroom at GGSS Jogana; two classrooms at GTQSS Kiru; one at GSS Kiyawa in Bagwai; 15 at GGASS Tudun Wada; six at GGSS Fatima Muhammad; two at GGSS Albasu; four at GSS Kawaji and one at GGSS Yargaya.

Ganduje also approved the renovation of student hostels:

  • 4No at GGSS Kwa
  • 4No at GGSS Albasu
  • 6No at GGSS Yargaya
  • 4No at GGASS TWada
  • 1No at GGSS Jogana
  • 3No at GTQSS Kiru
  1. Renovation of Toilets/Bathrooms:
  • 4No at GGSS Kwa
  • 10No at GGASS TWada
  • 4No at GGSS Jogana
  • 8No at GTQSS Kiru
  • 1No at GGSS D/Kudu
  • 2No at GGSS Fatima Muhd
  • 2No at GGC Dala
  • 2No at GSS Kiyawa
  • 9No at GGSS Albasu
  • 4No at GSS Kawaji
  • 4No at GGSS Yargaya
  1. Construction of 5 seater toilets
  • 2No at GGSS Kwa
  • 3No at GTQSS Kiru
  • 1No at GGSS D/Kudu
  • 2No at GGSS Badawa
  • 1No at GGSS Fatima Muhd
  • 2No at GGSS Yargaya
  1. Construction of Bathrooms
  • 1No at GGSS Kwa
  • 2No at GGSS TWada
  • 3No at GTQSS Kiru
  • 1No at GGSS Albasu
  1. Renovation of Staff Qtrs
  • 16No at GGSS Albasu
  • 8No at GGSS Danzabuwa
  • 1No at GGASS Dambatta
  • 2No at GGSS Madobi
  • 13No at GGASS Sumaila
  • 22No at GSS Zakirai
  • 26No at GGUC Kachako

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