Free Counsel For Oduah,By Ali M Ali

Stella-Oduah 600Princess Stella Oduah, the current minister of Aviation, is currently, in the eye of a storm, if you will allow the use of over worn cliché’. Some bad belle people are making a mountain out of a molehill because of a paltry USD1.6m or N225m.You will have to excuse this column today. It is full of clichés’. These characters, all of whom, I dare say are mere ‘commoners’ are dragging her royal name in the mud of infamy in flagrant disregard of her blue blood. All manner of activists, jingoists and tribalists are baying for the blood of the princess just because she has bought two armored vehicles at the princely sum of 1.6 million dollars.
They are running from pillar to post ‘spoiling’ her name and quiet possibly lineage. Their campaign of calumny will come to naught. It is as effective as a roadblock mounted by of rats to stop a column of angry elephants (respects to Agbese). They will fail. This is as certain as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. This is Jonathan’s Nigeria, after all. All weapons fashioned the minister shall prosper.
At this point, the sensible as in those in the category of ministers and blue blood, not blinded by the cankerworm called bad belle will seek to know why purchase vehicles this costly in a country the vast majority of whom live less than a dollar per day? It is simple-protection from evildoers unhappy by the ‘radical reforms’ of a radical figure prepared to swim in murky waters to keep our air space safe. Joe Obi, the minister’s mouthpiece explained this much. According to him some bad Nigerians and possibly bad foreigners are lurking in the background to strike the minister for her ‘reforms’. It is the sacrifice the minister is making for other Nigerians to fly safe. It is admirable that she is not living in bulletproof residence or hotel. GMD NNPC Jackson Gaius Obaseki, a mere commoner, stayed in Hilton throughout his tenure as ‘sacrifice’ to the nation. So what is 1.6m dollars for a Princess’s protection?
Obi’s explanation seems to mean that these undesirable elements reckon that the minister will be most vulnerable once outside her residential fortress or ‘armored’ office and the streets hence the need for a fully armored to frustrate the bullets of the assassin. Truly, a minister and a blue blood for that matter, is a precious cargo. It must be protected at all costs. In protecting a cargo like this, cost is immaterial. Unless for the irredeemable bad belle, a minister’s life is far more precious than of the teeming millions whose behalf the reforms are carried in the first place.
I swallowed this explanation hook, line and sinker until the National Civil Aviation Agency (NCAA) spun another spin. It is grander than Obi’s. In explaining the scandal, the Director General Mr. Folayele Akinkuotu was glib. He didn’ bat eyelid in telling a disbelieving crowd of reporters and sundry newsmen. According to him “It is internationally customary to convey our Minister and these visiting foreign dignitaries in security vehicles whenever they are in Nigeria, …It must be noted that such visitations, the security of members of the delegations is the sole responsibility of the host country. The vehicles are therefore in the pool of the NCAA for these special assignments and are available at NCAA office and can be shown to you.”
Who are we to believe now? This is the kind of goof that is ready ammunition for the masses to shoot down royalties. Why allow too many spokesmen? Too many cooks spoil the broth. The Princess ought to know this. Why even bother to explain. In leaders Kings and Queens own the land. What the heck if Princess Oduah toes the line of her ancestors?
I am one her here. Firstly she has not done anything illegal. It is perfectly within the ambit of the law for her to acquire such toys at whatever cost. The cash cow milked off the ‘miserly’ sum, the NCAA is one of several Federal Agencies empowered to make and spend without recourse to anyone. Attempts in the past to subordinate such agencies to the Fiscal Responsibility Act came to naught.Any supervising minister-pauper or blue blood-has a ready ‘wonder bank’ to do as they please in such agencies.
So this is a free counsel. It is unsolicited. Madam ignore all these activists and even lunatics. They are merely seeking their 15 minutes of fame. Maintain dignified silence as blue blood are wont to. It is beneath you to ‘join’ issues those below your genetic status. All Nigerians old enough to know the difference between men and mice know that RED BLOOD not BLUE flow in the veins of those clamoring for your sack. This is where I further advise-get the strongest superglue spread it your ministerial chair and stay-put. I think ‘sit-tight’ is better expression. People like me, and we are in the majority, cant allow riff-raffs to torpedo your reforms in the aviation sector.
Such reforms include but not limited to frequent air mishaps, airport remodeling, grounding of jets of enemies of the president and a nationwide renewal of faith in ‘acts of God’. It is easy to see why civil campaigners are bellyaching. They can’ see the lofty heights of the minister because of their stunted vision blurred by the love of country.

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