FRC verifies selected FG capital projects in Northeast

By Chimezie Godfrey

In accordance with its power and mandate of promoting prudent and transparent Fiscal management in Nigeria as contained in sections 2 (1a) and 30 of Fiscal Responsibility Act, 2007, the Fiscal Responsibility Commission has embarked on physical verification and inspection of selected Federal Government projects (completed and on-going) across the country.

The purpose of the exercise was to evaluate and ensure strict compliance with the FRA, 2007 in the planning and execution of Federal Government capital projects, and also to ensure adherence to the provision of the Public Procurement Act, 2007.

The leader of the North –East verification team, Alhaji Mohammed Zailani said that the exercise covered projects spreads across the Works, health sector, Nigeria Correctional Service and the Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI).

According Zailani, the purpose of the verification exercise is to confirm the existing of the projects, the amount so far expended on the projects and the level of work done at the site to ensure is commiserate with the amount paid.

The list of some of the project verified includes among many others; Mayo Belwa- Jada- Ganye- Touga road in Adamawa State: The contract was awarded to Triacta Nigeria Limited at the total sum of N22,699,176,016.86 the project is on-going and achieved almost 51% completion.

Rehabilitation of Tumu – Pindiga- Kashere (Gombe State)- Futuk- Yalo (Bauchi State) Bashar Dengi (Plateau State) Road: The contract was awarded to Rockbridge Construction Limited at the total sum of N3,536,591,313.20 the project is substantially completed, Construction of Concrete story building cellblock at Yola custodial centre: The contract was awarded to Iskat Design Limited at total sum of N209,365,462.60 the project is almost 70% completed.

Other projects verified by the team include the construction of Truma centre phase 111 was awarded to Aswad Investres at the total sum of N108,368,779.43 the project is 100% completed and been put to used.

The verification team observed that Proper feasibility studies are not done on the roads projects site before embarking on projects thereby leading to variations and revision of contract and most projects exceeded their expected completion period.

Some of the road projects are poorly supervised, some of the Contractors had serious challenges of insecurity, and some of the projects have no consultants to monitor the progress and quality of the work maintenance of roads should begin as soon as the projects are completed in order to stem dilapidation and extra cost of reconstruction and Institutions should ensure that Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) requirements and standards are strictly adhered to in the award of contracts.