Fiscal autonomy: Group endorses Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade

Chief Ugochukwu Nnam, the National , Initiative for Leadership Development and (ILDC), has endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption strategies.

Nnam said on Monday in Abuja that Buhari’s signing of Executive Order No. 10 of 2020 was demonstration of courage to strengthen the and legislative independence.

He said the steps taken so far are winning public trust and confidence for Buhari’s commitment to stamping out corruption in the country.

NAN recalls that the president on May 22, signed into law an Executive Order to grant financial autonomy to the legislature and the judiciary.

Executive Order No. 10 of 2020 makes it mandatory that all states of the federation should allocate and the legislature and the judiciary in the first-line charge of their budgets.

Nnam described Buhari as a visionary leader whose goal was to completely eliminate all forms fiscal dependence capable of causing fear or favour in discharge of legislative or functions.

“Some the state governors have turned the lawmakers and judges to errand persons just to do their whims and carprices because of lack of fiscal autonomy.

“With this order, state lawmakers and judges will do the needful by fair because their will be coming to them without interference from state executives,” Nnam said.

The ILDC leader called on Nigerians to continue to support Buhari, noting that the president is determined to redeem campaign promises on corruption.

According to him, Buhari is actually transforming Nigeria with silent laudable policies that some past leaders lacked the courage to do.

Nnam therefore urged Nigerians to jettison destructive criticisms which he said was inimical to development.

NAN that the order also mandates the Accountant-General of the Federation to deduct from source amount due to state legislatures and judiciaries from monthly allocation to each state for those that refuse to grant such autonomy. (NAN)