First Class Graduate from Cross River claims to have cure for COVID-19

By Lesley Muosowo Otu

A young Nigerian researcher  claims  he has discovered   the cure for coronavirus which has been ravaging  the entire world  now.

Bright Eworo, who was  trained  at the  Kazan National Research Technology University in Russia  claimed  that  his vaccine can eliminate every symptom of COVID-19 within 3-5 days and at the most, seven days.

The Cross River State born first class Masters degree holder in Chemical Engineering said he is ready to be taken to any isolation centre where his ‘patent drug’ would be administered on patients.

When Newsdiaryonline asked him what steps he has taken to  make his efforts known  by relevant stakeholders, Eworo said all attempts  by him  for the authorities  in his state to give him the benefits of the doubt have been futile.

He said,”I called (a Commissioner, name withheld ) to tell her my discoveries. Then she promised to call back because she was in a meeting. However, till now I have not heard again from her despite many attempts to reach her.

“This is someone I know before now and we used to talk often. But now with my recent discovery of a vaccine that would put an end to this deadly pandemic, my own State Commissioner not ready to give me the necessary encouragement”, he lamented.

He went further to say  all along, little has been done to assist him by his State government.

“When I graduated with first class honours in my first degree, I got back home to solicit for scholarship to proceed for my Masters degree. You won’t believe me but my State government frustrated my efforts until I was offered scholarship by the Russian government.

“And one would think that now that I have graduated with first class honours again, my people will appreciate what I can offer”, Eworo said with a sad tune.

When asked why he  has not used  other avenues to make his discovery known and Eworo said: “I tried and I am still trying, but one has to be careful. This vaccine is my patent rights which must not be carelessly given out to some ambitious researchers. Lest they steal my sample and turn round to claim that it is theirs.

“Many of these doctors wanted me to give them the sample and I said no, I can’t. Just take me to a patient and let me administer the vaccine on him or her. I will do the monitoring until the patient recovers.

” Let me tell you, this vaccine is not difficult to prepare. In fact it is a component of two common herbs we can easily find around us. But it is my invention, my discovery, so I am not going to just release the secret like that. I need to be commended and let my name go down in the annals of history as one whom God used to save mankind from a terrible plague”, he said

He then  asked this reporter to  use her medium to tell the government to give him a trial. Furthermore the researcher said, he was ready to  first of all administer the vaccine on himself to reassure all that it is safe