Be firm On Party Internal Democracy, Anambra Bizman tells INEC

Jega 600By Patrick Osadebamwen
The Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) has been called upon to ensure that political parties adhere to internal democracy which forms the bedrock for democratic culture in any democracy.
Chief Vincent Uzuakpundu, an Onitsha- businessman expressed this view to newsmen in Abuja while commenting on the 2014 Anambra gubernatorial elections.
Uzuakpundu said that INEC should have learnt lessons from past mistakes emphasized that electoral body should focus on assisting all political parties to strictly adhere to the principles of internal democracy which emphasizes the respect for majority choice.
frowned at situations where a latter entrant into a political throws money around will be considered to fly a ’s flag for an elective position where there are individuals have been in the ,but who are often later schemed out for the entrants,thus creating tension in the party.
pleaded with the electoral body to be firm in handling situations such as this with a view to promoting democratic culture in the system and fostering national cohesion and Unity.
said during electoral period such as this in Anambra state of the state who have deep financial pockets assemble to influence members of with their money to swing voters choice in their favour.
This scenario will be different this time around as members of electorate are politically wiser and would not submit to their deceit as has been the case in the past, Uzuakpundu told reporters.
According to him the people of the state are more politically enlightened after being deceived in the past by money bags who believe that their money was all they needed to buy the of the electorates to perpetuate themselves in power through their chosen proxy.
The businessman said the people are waiting for them to come in to the state with their money so they can make some cash for themselves while they maintain their interest to vote Sen. Chris Ngige who opened the eyes of the people to know the acts of shortchanging perpetuated by these money bags.
Uzuakpundu said the wealthy of Anambra have made it a practice to come display their wealth in the state during election year without interest in developing the manpower in the state for a better society describing such show of wealth as inimical to the people.
“Is it only when you are in a political office that you can develop your people and the community?” he asked.
He stressed that Ngige’s governorship would translate to development for the state and the people of Anambra.

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