Firm introduces device to curb spread of coronavirus

Shycocan Corporation and Nestar Corporate Ltd. have introduced a device that helps in curbing the spread of Coronavirus in indoor spaces to Nigeria.

Mrs Nneoma Oji, Chief Executive Officer, Nestar Corporate Ltd., made this known in a statement on Sunday in Lagos.

Oji said that the device would assist the country in its fight against the virus and bring businesses and lives back to normalcy.

She said that the device, called Shycocan Virus Attenuation Device, was developed by Indian scientist, Dr Rajah Kumar.

Oji said that the device had been scientifically proven to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus in indoor spaces with up to 99.9 per cent efficacy.

According to her, Shycocan works on current variants and mutations of these viruses, protecting people’s health and saving millions of hours of lost productivity.

“The world is facing one of the most challenging and uncertain times ever experienced in decades.

“The impact has been felt on daily lives, livelihoods and businesses across the globe.

“A balance of the best of science as well as technology along with social responsibility and the determination to fight are needed at all fronts,” she said.

Also, Alok Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Shycocan Corporation, said that science, technology and innovation would play a vital role in helping people reclaim their lives and work safely.

Sharma said that lives and livelihoods were lost to the pandemic, adding that Shycocan would help bring lives and businesses back. (NAN)