Fire ‘Senior’ Members Of Your Cabinet Now! – Uranta Tells Jonathan

Tony-UrantaThe Secretary General of the Nigerian National Summit Group (NNSG) and member of newly inaugurated Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue, Mr Tony Ipriye Uranta, has made fresh call to President Goodluck to fire a few senior members of his cabinet as a matter of urgency.

Uranta a foremost crusader from the Niger/Delta, in his renewed agitation for cabinet shakeup expressed displeasure about few of President ’s cabinet members, who he said are adding no value to his government; pointing out that they are corrupt and capable of misguiding the President to lose touch of delivering on his promises to the good of Nigeria.

In his words; ”the President must fire a few ‘senior’ members of his Cabinet, immediately…they are adding no value to the GEJ administration, are deeply mired in and are liable to misguide Mr President. Save us the agony of failed promises, by men and women who know not what honour, integrity and service mean…liars, tricksters and thieves! If not now, when?!”

It be recalled just recently, Mr Uranta denied establishing any contact with the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) regarding national matters as the group had purported. He described as myopic and self-destructive, claims by the group that he had been in touch with , to solicit their support for his advocacy for the development of the Niger Delta region, convocation of a national confab, among others.

The statement reads in part: “One’s attention has been repeatedly drawn to the outlandish mendacities put out on Thursday under the pseudonym ‘MEND’, and with regard to my .

“MEND has lied outrageously in nearly every line of its putative statement! But, then, which ‘MEND’ is this: the anti- ‘MEND’, the Boko Haram-sourced ‘MEND’, or the phantom-’MEND’ that the founders/commanders of MEND (who have since embraced former President Yar’Adua’s amnesty offer, and ‘suspended’ the activities by the real MEND…the enigmatic Tompolos, Boyloafs, Farahs et al) have denied knowledge of?

“I have never been in touch with any of the above ‘ersatz-MEND’, one of which must have put this bunch of ridiculous lies, and hereby, categorically, state that I never have, at any time, sought the support of any such body in my vocal pursuit of a Nigerian National Conference.”

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