Fire at martial arts school in China kills 18, injures 16

 Eighteen people have died and another 16 in a fire broke out in a martial arts school in central China, with most of the victims believe to be children and teenagers.

According to a short statement the local authorities, the fire erupted Friday morning the school in Henan province’s Shangqiu city and has been extinguished.

Several of the were in serious condition, the authorities said, commenting cause of the fire or the age of the victims.

Chinese media initially reported children between the ages seven and 16 had slept over the Zhenxing Martial Arts School the fire broke out.

The reports said 34 students were registered with the school.

A witness quoted as saying “he heard the screams and cries of children’’.

Most of the reports have been censored and deleted the internet, however. (dpa/NAN)