Fintiri’s Threat – A Huge Joke,By Ahmad Sajoh

FintiriI have read a statement issued by the Media aide to the Speaker Adamawa State House of Assembly in which he issued a direct threat to My person. That statement must have come from an ignorant mind that lacks what to say. It was simply a huge joke from someone who has been reduced to a clown by his Boss. What one expects from the camp of the Speaker and indeed the House of Assembly is a sense of remorse and not such brazen arrogance. I am not surprised at the open threat issued by the spokesperson of the House leadership. He believes that the House has the powers of God.
Perhaps it will be wise to remind him of the saying that “wise men speak because they have something to say, while fools because they have to say something”
Due to lack of what to say, the statement quoted My earlier writing so generously that it constituted half the Press Release. They can do well to accept that their actions with respect to the purported removal of the former Deputy Governor and the assumption of the Speaker as Acting Governor have been declared illegal by a competent Court of Law. This legal indictment should have sobered them rather make them more arrogant. It is only an ignorant person that will claim that a matter before a competent Court of Law is foreclosed. It is a shame that a spokesperson of the leadership of a House of Assembly could refer to a matter before the courts as history.
Perhaps if the House of Assembly wants relevant agenda to consider for discussion let me set some for them:
1. They should address the confusion and contradictions of the PDP which issued a statement that the ruling of the Federal High Court will not be appealed by it or it’s membership even though it is on record that the Speaker of the House had already instructed his lawyers to appeal the judgement.
2. The only charge the PDP had against Mijinyawa Kugama who was the Party Chairman was that he came from the same Local Government with Governor Nyako. Kugama held no statutory office under the Nigerian Constitution. Today, both the Governor and the Speaker of the House are from the same Madagali Local Government, what then will happen?
3. That Adamawa State has had seven Governors in seven years and three Governors in less than three months and all through the Governments were weighed down by series of litigations is a major recipe for instability and stagnation. How do We avert that in the future?
These are patriotic concerns that should merit their attention and not issuing threats on free citizens who express opinions anchored on law, legality and justice. Who is afraid of their threat anyway? Certainly not Ahmad Sajoh. If the Speaker, the House of Assembly or their spokespersons believe Nyako’s illegal removal from office is a foregone issue, let them ask the Courts to halt all processes related to the matter. I recall that they issued the same threat when I released a Press Statement on 15th July, 2014 that Barr. Bala James Ngillari had not resigned in the eyes of the Law. Today I am vindicated. I am confident that in my insistence that Governor Nyako was illegally removed and that the illegality will be nullified by the Courts, I will still be vindicated.
Let me conclude that for the avoidance of doubt and for all intent and purposes, the anger of the House Leadership for which this latest threat is issued, is due to the role I played in testifying in Governor Bala Ngillari’s Court case. For that I have no regrets or apologies.

Ahmad Sajoh, mnipr
Director, Press and Publicity
Murtala Nyako Publicity Office.

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