Finally, Taraba Officials Gain Access to Suntai as Loyalists Dig In

Gov Suntai on arrival -Source The CanaryBy Danlami Nmodu
Yesterday ,some stakeholders in Taraba state finally gained access to Governor Danbaba Suntai in Jalingo.Sources said those who had access to the ailing governor included top leaders of the House of Assemmbly and security chiefs in the state.After the meeting,the Taraba officials were sufficiently convinced that the governor could not resume work now.Newsdiaryonline .com learnt that there is the resolve to urgently allow him go back abroad to continue his medical treatment.

It was further learnt that highly place stakeholders in the state met last night to deliberate on the outcome of the visit to Suntai.They considered so many issues including the matter of some clandestine officials forging statements that have been credited to the governor.
One of the major decisions announced yesterday was the purported dissolution of the state executive council and the announcement of a new secretary to the state government by the governor.Some officials in Taraba see this development as a case of forgery. The announcement sources said was part of the panic measures by Suntai’s loyalists to dig in.They are afraid that constitutionally, if anyone wants to remove Suntai, the cabinet is the one empowered to begin the process .So sacking the cabinet is part of the ‘digging in moves’ a source said.With this dissolution, the calculation is that the cabinet cannot sit inquire about their boss’ health.
The desperation by Suntai’s loyalists continues to amaze insiders .This has forced some discerning minds to inquire further into what the motivation may be.Sources said it has been revealed that the Suntai cabal made up of those within and outside the state have their eyes trained on the huge funds which the acting governor has saved since this political crisis began.The acting governor is said to have plugged all avenues for looting and has succeeded in saving about N20 billion for the state.All this desperation may just be part of the attempts have access the staggering amount saved and begin looting.Already, instructions have been given to banks not to accept any change of signatories coming from pro Suntai forces, it was learnt.

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Insiders said despite the desperation by Pro Suntai forces, the State House of Assembly and others are looking at Governor Suntai’s travails with kindness.The lawmakers and other are keen on seeing Suntai get treatment.”The snag here now is: who will take him back? “ ,one observer asked.It was not the Taraba State government that brought him back to Nigeria.These and other issues are among what the House may deliberate upon today.”The House is advising that he should be taken back for treatment”, a knowledgeable source said.
What is important now also is that there is calm in the state as people have seen through the designs of the cabal. Even more ,it was learnt that the people in Taraba say the cabal members is making a mockery of themselves with announcements that people now know did not come from the governor.”People laugh at their moves”,one observer said.
Meanwhile reports today claimed that Suntai addressed the state on Television last night .Newsdiaryonline. com two days ago reported that his loyalist were planning to “arrange” a radio and television broadcast by the governor .

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