FGIL Home Solution

FGI Home Solution is a promo aim at providing decent and affordable housing for the masses. The scheme provides opportunity for subscriber/beneficiaries participate in a housing promo by subscribing to a particulars type of the housing category where winners emerge through random selection at the end of every 90 days to own an apartment or winners a house rent. For more information, visit www.fgil.biz

HOW TO PLAY: subscribe with N2,800 or N1,200

MODE OF PAYMENT: through Internet Banking, Mobile Wallets POS at FGI Office, Direct Debits via ATM card or Remita: any commercial Bank Branch nearest bank or Micro-finance bank to you and present your payment in favour of FGIL Homesolution to the cashier for any category of your choice; #1,200 – Annual House Rent or N2,800 – 3 Bedroom Apartment or both.  Click here to book