FG, U.S. inaugurate initiative on security in Northeast, Niger Delta

Federal Government in partnership with the U.S. on Monday inaugurated Security Governance Initiative (SGI) Joint Country Action Plan (JCAP) to address the challenges of insecurity in the Northeast and Niger Delta.

The News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) reports that Minister of Interior, (rtd.)Lt.-Gen. Abdulrahaman Danbazau  inaugurated the steering committee for the implementation of the SGI JCAP.

Dambazau  at the inauguration in Abuja said the essence of  the partnership was to improve Nigerian security governance, and build security capacity to address security threat in the country.

He said that the JCAP was developed by both partners to address such issue mentioned and the road map to implement the programme was also stated.

“The SGI, which is a partnership between Nigeria and U.S., is designed to improve security governance and capacity ranging policing in the northeast and Niger Delta to emergency response protocols and defence acquisition.

“The JCAP which was adopted and signed in May 2017, outlines the roadmap for a successful bilateral engagement under the SGI.

“The JCAP outlines three thematic areas that are centred on strengthening the effectiveness of the security institutions and the criminal justice system.

“The challenges to security governance, desired end state, intermediate objectives and recommendations are all encompassed in these three focal areas,” he said

According to him the areas include, Ministry of Interior Nationwide Emergency Response Planning and Coordination, and Ministry of Defence Materiel Needs Identification, Procurement and Acquisition Procedures and Processes

Other, he said, are Civilian security planning for the Northeast  and the Niger Delta

He said that the desired end state of the three focal areas were concentrated on Nigeria having an effective and integrated Ministry of Interior that responds to emergencies in a robust and people centric manner

“It takes advantage of the unique competencies and resources of each entity at all levels.

“Incorporating effective planning,  acquisition and management of Nigerian Defence establishments’ materiel needs, and to establish preconditions for a normal civilian life under the rule of law in the northeast and the Niger Delta.

“The working group of area two which is the Ministry of Defence Materiel needs identification, procurement and acquisition procedures and, processes has been and they have made significant progress,” he said

He said that the  working groups of areas one and  three would commence sitting in March 2018.

“The task before us is very important and crucial to the progress of the country as peace and security are a measure of our success as a government.

“The success of this program therefore lies in the hands all of us, as all of your agencies will be involved in the implementation of the program,” he said.

He commended the U.S. government and the ambassador for keeping the SGI flying several challenges.

The U.S.  Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Stuart Symington said that Washington is concerned about the security and of Nigerians.

Symington said that partnership was key to addressing insecurity.

He commended the of the Nigerian government and called for all stakeholders in ensuring the implementation of the agreement under the SGI

Also speaking, Minister of Defence, Lt.-Gen. Mansur Dan-Ali rtd, represented by  Hassan Abdullahi, an official of the ministry,  commended the JCAP which he said was focused on strengthening the security agency in Nigeria.

He was optimistic that the SGI would go a long way to straighten the effectiveness of security institutions and criminal justice system in the country

Dan-Ali said that the initiative would also help in addressing militant insurgency and other insecurity challenge in the northeast and Niger Delta area (NAN)