FG should apply COVID-19 economic measures on malaria – Rep. Kakale

By Abdallah el-Kurebe, Editor 

A House of Representatives member from Sokoto Balarabe Shehu Kakale, has posited that malaria scourge, especially in Nigeria far outweighs coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic. 

The lawmaker, who is also a Radiologist, observed that Federal government had taken many anti coronavirus economic measures, including social investment, import waivers, food and family support, adding that the measures should equally be applied to malaria. 

According to him, the same strategies and vigour applied on COVID -19, should be replicated on myriad of challenges plaguing health and education in Nigeria.

Drawing an inference between malaria and COVID-19, Kakale stressed that, “today, the science of an anti malarial drug, Chloroquine is being used to treat  COVID-19, therefore, the economics of the response applied on the COVID -19, should be applied on malaria and other infectious diseases and health challenges.

“Malaria kills far more greater number of  Nigerians, with an average economic loss of about N1 trillion annually. That gesture is what I will call positive Malaria-COVID 19 reverse linkage. Simple.!

“Chloroquine is used for the treatment of malaria, while the same antimalarial drug is currently the global drug of choice in the treatment of COVID-19.

“There are ongoing multinational clinical trials in this direction and they are producing promising results,” the lawmaker stressed. 

Dr Kakale disclosed that Nigeria suffers the world greatest malaria burden, with 30 percent of all cases in Africa; over 50 million people infected and over 200,000 deaths, annually.

He added that it is responsible for 60 percent of all hospital visits in Nigeria, asking, “can you compare that with COVID 19? 

“Therefore, the series of anti coronavirus economic measures taken so far, should be applied on malaria in Nigeria, for its contributions in fighting the pandemic.”