Renewed Row Over Abrogation Of Onshore/Offshore Dichotomy Mischievous ,Says Presidency

The Presidency  said today it views with grave concern the current attempt by some politicians to heat up the polity by seeking to reopen fresh conflict and controversy over the onshore/offshore abrogation law which was enacted by the National Assembly in 2004. Some of the pronouncements are disruptive, outrightly mischievous, and aimed at causing disaffection.

A statement by Reuben Abati, the presidential  spokesman said  the presidency strongly advises such politicians to desist from playing up sectional and ethnic sentiments, over a matter that was addressed eight years ago to the benefit of all parties concerned. At a time when the government is working hard to resolve security challenges in parts of the country, the political elite across board is expected to cooperate with the Federal and state governments to promote the cause of peace, stability and national transformation.

“Those who are issuing threats and counter-threats over every issue, are obviously not just re-inventing a controversy, they seem determined to fuel acrimony and needless conflict” the statement said

Abati added that ,”Government is working tirelessly to ensure the full enjoyment of fundamental rights by all Nigerians, in an atmosphere that is free of rancor and tension. No individual, political interest or group should attempt to violate this, either overtly or covertly. The Federal Government wants to reassure all Nigerians that while it respects every individual’s right to the freedom of expression, it is equally duty bound to forestall any attempt to undermine the peace and security of the country, under whatever guise.”


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