FCT Minister Reads Riot Act,Threatens To Sack Non -perfoming Officers

bala fctThe FCT Minister, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed CON has threatened to sack any mandate Secretary or Director not performing to the expectations of the government.
The Minister read this riot act in an emergency meeting with the FCT Minister of State, Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide, FCT Permanent Secretary, Engr. John O. Chukwu (FNSE), some Mandate Secretaries, Coordinator, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, (AMMC) and some Directors whose duties have direct bearing with Municipal/Social Services and the day to day running of the FCT Administration.
The Minister thus, gave a week ultimatum to see drastic changes in the areas of environment particularly garbage collection, social menace like street hawking, begging and commercial sex workers as well as enforcement of total ban on commercial motorcycles (Okada) in designated areas.
Senator Mohammed warned that any political appointee or Public Servant who is not prepared to sit-up should be prepared to shape out.
He lamented a situation where Ad-Hoc Committees are set up to handle jobs that are statutory in nature and attributed this to lackadaisical, non-challant attitude and even sabotage of some staff.
The Minister warned that no staff either political appointee or Public Servant is indispensable as his Administration would soon embark on re-assessment and re-adjustment which is not intended to cause pain but to make the system work more effectively.
Senator Mohammed further warned that FCT Administration would not accept a situation where some Secretaries and Directors attempt to create loyalty and dynasty in the system rather than carrying all staff along.
The FCT Minister of State, Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide at the meeting supported the Minister and reiterated that a solution must be found to all these ugly problems.
Speaking at the meeting, the FCT Permanent Secretary, Engr. John Chukwu also warned that the riot act signals that it’s no more business as usual.
Engr. Chukwu advised all Public Servants in the FCT Administration to wake up to their responsibilities, as Abuja City Management must be done effectively in tune with the Transformation Agenda of the Federal Government.
Meanwhile, the Minister has directed the Permanent Secretary to continue with the meeting to further look into all grey areas and come up with workable solutions immediately.
Senator Mohammed also directed that where necessary, changes should be made to ensure efficiency and service delivery.
Others in the meeting include Coordinator, AMMC, Secretaries of Social Development Secretariat; as well as Directors of Establishment & Training; Abuja Environmental Protection Board, Directorate of Road Traffic Services.

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