FCT administration to decentralise emergency outbreak response in 6 area councils

The Federal Capital Territory Administration it will decentralise emergency outbreak response through advocacy in the six area councils of Abuja.

A communiqué issued on Tuesday in Abuja, said that the was reached at the end of the FCT Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) Intra-Action Review (IAR) meeting.

It said that it would also set up emergency operation centres, establishment of sample collection systems and training of human resources for response in the area councils.







According the communiqué, there will also be continuous engagement and provision of technical education secretariat, enforcement task force and other collaborating agencies for improved multi-sectoral response and inclusion.

“Provision of operational resources funding, communication equipment, logistics and infrastructural upgrade of the FCT emergency operations centre workspace in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation.







“There will also be sustained risk communication and community engagements build public trust and acceptance of the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage uptake of non-pharmacological intervention measures in all six area councils of the FCT.

“It will be reduction of turnaround time for results through fast tracking the ongoing efforts at establishing the FCT-owned Molecular Laboratory in Kubwa General Hospital,” it said.








The communiqué said it would improve strategic planning for future outbreak response through the establishment of an FCT Infectious Disease Hospital and continuous building of surge sustain the current response. (NAN)