Failed Presidential visit and Maiduguri Airport Row:Borno Commissioner Debunks Jonathan’s Claim

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By Danlami Nmodu

Borno State Commissioner for Information, Mr Inuwa Bwas has debunked claims that the poor state of  Maiduguri airport was responsible for President Goodluck Jonathan’s failure so far to visit the state. “If he said  it was the airport, I want to say it was not the airport.It may be something else,because the airport in Maiduguri is all right”,Bwala  said in an exclusive interview with in Abuja.

In his last Presidential media chat,  Jonathan said the poor state of Maiduguri airport was responsible for his failure to visit Borno state.Borno and Yobe states have  been the worst hit by  Boko Haram insurgency and  reports  said the  citizens  there  have  been wondering  why the president has not deemed it fit to visit them yet.

Several month’s after the president’s claim, Borno state Commissioner for Information Mr Inuwa Bwala  has debunked the notion  that  Maiduguri airport was  not in good shape for  him to land there .

Bwala started by expressing the people’s worry over failure of Jonathan and other to visit his state:”Of course we are worried, we are the ones that have been speaking out that our president couldn’t visit us even in the face  of these challenges.Every Nigerian is interested in painting Borno State as a war zone.But our president, neither the vice president nor the senate president nor any leader of substance has deemed it fit to visit us.”

The information commissioner  added:”The airport in Maiduguri is today one of the best airports.The runway was just renovated about six (or) seven months ago.So I don’t know which airport they are talking about because it is the same airport we are landing on.It is the same airport Hajj operation is taking place there, international flights .So I don’t think it is enough reason to say the airport stopped him(Jonathan ) from going. Maybe they have not found time, their schedules have been too tight. But if they have visited other places, I don’t think anything stops him from visiting Borno state, honestly, so that we can be seen to be part of the country, part of the citizens that he is governing; so that it can restore our confidence in the federal government ….so that  we can see the federal government as having shown concern for the plight  (of)our people …”

“So if he said  it was the airport, I want to say it was not the airport.It may be something else,because the airport in Maiduguri is all right”, Inuwa  thundered.

Bwala also said dialogue remained the best way to tackle the Boko Haram insurgency in the North.He expressed  hope  that the insurgency may soon be  over.

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