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Failed campaign of Calumny against Chief DSK

By Kelvin Martins Agbu

We are living in dangerous, testy times with desperados running out of ideas of to pull people down by smearing their reputations. Happily for them, the social media and the technology of photoshoping has made their work so easy. But the good news is no one is too naive again. A spurious story is easily spotted and photoshops don’t freak anyone anymore.

So when a recent online drivel made the round showing the respected and dynamic Chief David Sabo Kente in the midst of some Nollywood actresses and with a headline saying he picks their bills, many didn’t even bother to read it. Let alone to believe the amateurish write up.

However we Chief DSK fans find it expedient to state unequivocally that the story is not only false but even comical.

Chief is an internationally acclaimed philanthropist who has blessed many lives. He can’t be blamed for not remembering all he must have touched with his goodies. If members of Nollywood have been blessed by him, so be it. He can hardly be crucified for that. But the slant the story wished to play up also fell flat. It was a puerile attempt at cheap blackmail bothering around the Spectre of a sex scandal. The stories of pictures used were to weak to sustain the plan. No wonder it didn’t resonate with the discerning public who immediately shunned the tales by moonlight. So to the architect of distortions we say this one has failed. We await the next childish effort to tarnish an impeccable record.

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