Ezekwesili is the rescue Nigeria needs – Monarch

By Abdallah el-Kurebe, Editor

The presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili has been described as the rescue that Nigeria needed.

The Sakaruyi-Karu Abuja, His Royal Highness, Emmanuel Kyauta Yepwi said this on Thursday adding that the ACPN candidate was on a mission to face the current leadership challenges.

The monarch expressed confidence that the country would do well under a woman than those who had governed in the past.

“I used to watch you when you were active in service and I admired the way you used to do things. Women are leaders right from homes, right from their houses, and no man does anything without a woman. In every successful man,a woman must be by his side.

“So, if Nigeria wants to be successful, I think a woman should also be 
considered. I wouldn’t say that it’s by accident to have selected Karu 
as the place to flag off your campaign. I want you to know that the real 
meaning of Karu is increase. No one comes to Karu and does not increase 
and having come to Karu, just wait and see what God will do for you.

“In fact, it is my opinion that we should allow a woman to rule the 
country once and let’s see how she would govern us. So, coming to save 
Nigeria now is at the right time. Nigeria needs someone like you now.

“Moreover, you have been in the affairs of the country, you know our 
problems and you know how to solve them,” Yepwi said.

Ezekwesili assured her supporters that she would not disappoint Nigerians if given the mandate to lead the country, adding that her administration would make people’s friendly policies, and urged Nigerians to join her in the mission to rescue Nigeria.

“We are not running to become president, but we are running in order to rescue our county from the past and the present administrations.

“Unlike the normal campaigns that other political parties do, we are 
carrying on a campaign where people are actually going to be sitting 
with us and we will first hear from them the kind of government that 
they will want to see and the kind of government that would solve their 
problems before we then show them what we have in solving their 

“We want to see a different country; we want to set a new direction for our country. Nigeria has no business being a country that fails in every aspect of life. Our citizens deserve the best.

“The major emphasis of our campaign is that we want to lift over 80 
million Nigerians out of poverty and if you want to do something like 
that, you should come direct to the people that know what the issues are 
and that is why we are here,” she said.