Eyewitness Account : How Kaduna Armed Gang Killed 20 Villagers in Alleged Reprisal Attack

Fresh coming from Kaduna  state said today’s  the attack on Dogo  Dawa village  near Birnin Gwari may be  a  reprisal attack by angry “armed robbery gang operating in the area” .But the police could explain the attack:“some are saying the attackers were Fulani herdsmen who were probably on reprisal attack but the question is, what reprisal attack?” the police commissioner said.Sources in the area however  said the gang members  may be angry that some  the villagers dared  to expose  them to the police and other security agencies recently.This ,according to conversant with the  area may be why   the gunmen went on a shooting spree   killing  on unsuspecting Muslims  just as they finishing saying their 5.30am and 6.00amBut they did start killing  from the Mosque.One  eyewitnesses who pleaded that his identity be revealed  told reporters: “this morning the criminals went to the house of the man they suspected to be for identifying them, killed him and two of his children and cut the hand of his wife.“They also killed 17 other in the village. they killed were just coming from the early morning .

“I can confirm to you that it was a robbery , it was the criminals who went for a reprisal attack because the people have been identifying them, ” the eye said.

There were also unconfirmed reports  that the attackers had earlier notified the community of the attack in protest against   othe arrest of some of members of their gang.

“Based on this, the community up a committee to help find out who were and put an end to it,” one of the residents said, adding that, “the committee did a good job as they were able to identify some of for the robbery and other criminal activities in the area.

“A former hakimi (village leader) in Dogo Dawa was in charge of the committee that was responsible for sanitizing the area and that is why in the last three months, there been less incidents of robbery in the area as the people were able to identify the criminals and they were being eliminated silently one after the other.”

Olufemi Adenaike ,Kaduna state Commissioner of Police,  confirmed the incident but he could confirm toll and who were responsible.The commissioner said “some people are saying the attackers were Fulani herdsmen who were probably on reprisal attack but the question is, what reprisal attack?

“So, my men have moved to the scene to get details of the incident. We could not get immediate information from the area because the network there is very poor but as soon as we get the details and number of people killed, we will let you know”  the CP said on Sunday.

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