Explosion at Bannex Plaza Area, Abuja

(Picture of past blast scene )

An explosion believed to be a bomb  has  reportedly gone off at   Bannex Plaza  area ,Wuse 2 Abuja.Eyewitnesses said security men have already moved to the scene and they have swiftly cordoned off the area .

The police have also reportedly confirmed that it was a low grade explosion in which no life was lost.It was also learnt that the policemen have been busy trying to prevent  people from taking pictures at the scene of the blast.

About two weeks ago ,another bomb blast in the night   occurred in from of a night club at  the same Wuse 2 of the city.The blast at Crystal Lounge created panic among night crawlers.Many  are believed to have become more cautious.

Bannex plaza is a major commercial hub in the metropolis.But most shops close early every evening.