Expert tasks govt on provision of social needs to tackle insecurity 


Mr Ayorinde Fakunle, the Public Relations Officer, Association of Nigerian Authors, Oyo State Chapter, has advised the government  to provide  social needs for the people to tackle insecurity. 

Fakunle stated this at the public presentation of a book titled ‘Flawed’ authored by Dr Modupe Oyetade in Ibadan on Sunday.

Fakunle, who is also a poet and an author of  children’s literature commended the literary prowess of the author, adding that the book showed her concerns about loss of societal values. 

“In Modupe’s ‘flawed’ we see a typical life of most Nigerians through a man who has a small job yet keeps breeding many mouths that he struggles to take care of. 

“Perhaps the government still needs to understand that there cannot be security when there is unemployment.

“That as long as many people live without shelter, insecurity will persist. There can’t be a secure society in a country where the majority of the citizens live in poverty and penury.

“In fact, I quite identify with her that focus on family – being the primary social group that feeds a nation, and the need to maintain morals and societal standards  are pathways to fighting societal challenges,” he said.

He noted that in most contemporary homes, parents in particular, have failed in decision making, which invariably has brought us to this immoral and un-cultured society. 

In her remarks, the Author, Oyetade said the book was all about creating awareness to let people know that all that glitters is not gold.

“We are in a flawed society. It is expected that every man should have a job and provide; but nowadays we are seeing people who claimed to have jobs but are of fraudulent character.

“And, people may fall victim to this, so I am trying to create awareness about that in a nutshell,” she said.

Also, the daughter of the author, Aanu Oyetade, said reading through her mum’s book was encouraging, motivating and inspiring,  and was about life. 

“I observed that the book is about sexual abuse of a girl and she’s trying to heal from her past.

“Of course, so many girls and boys may have experienced this or have witnessed such trauma and cannot forget about their past. 

“This is so emotional because of there are  young girls who may be crying, or are facing trauma or even at the verge of  committing suicide and this book can change their lives.

“It can make them heal physically and emotionally. I know this will help all around the world and it would inspire my mom to write more creative or more inspiring books,” she said. (NAN)