Expert causions Nigerian civil servants on misconduct


Mr Victor Ayeni, the Principal Training and Development Officer with Michael Imoudu National Institute for Labour Studies (MlNlLS), Ilorin, on Thursday cautioned Nigerian civil servants against misconduct in work place.

Ayeni gave the advice in Ilorin while delivering a paper entitled: “Misconduct in the Civil Service”, during the monthly meeting of the Chatered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), Kwara Chapter.

According to him, any misconduct of government employees reflects on the government itself.

He said that it was essential that government should regulate the conduct of the workforce in order to see the interest of government and interest of the public is safeguarded.

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“Every government employee is expected to maintain absolute integrity to duty in all time such as loyalty, diligence, faithfulness and obedience.

“The rules of any human enterprises or organisation set out as guiding principles and policy, acceptable conducts, modalities for actualising organisational objectives and the entitlements of its personnel.

“Any organisation is as effective as the rules guiding its operations. The Nigerian public service can be linked to an organisation of human activity which is governed and regulated by rules,” he said.

Ayeni described misconduct as failure by staff member to comply with the obligations under the chatter of the United Nations, the staff regulations and staff rules.

He listed misconduct to include minor and major offences like attendance and absence without leave, distribution of handbills, indecent behaviours while on duty and foul language.

He added that major misconducts included theft, bullying, damage to properties, insurbodination and alcohol drinking.

Mrs Esther Ajiboye, the Director of Training in the institute, noted that misconduct was becoming a problem in a lot of working places.

She however observed that union representatives have not factored engaging with employees in order to renew condition of service.

Ajiboye pointed out that the employee review process should be able to address concerns and feedback, and offer both short and long term goals for workers.

Mr Oni Oladipupo of CIPM, Kwara Chapter, reminded members of the upcoming CIPM-54th International Conference and Exhibitions slated for Port-Harcourt, with the theme: “Leading People, Growing Nations”.

He explained that the 2022 International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) aim to refocus human resource practitioners’ attention to their roles in nation building and national transformation.

Oladipupo urged members to gear up for attendance, adding that the conference sessions would provide attendees with knowledge, insights, tools, experiences, frameworks, and new models required for leading and managing people, and building and growing nations to thrive and flourish. (NAN) 

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