Exclusive:Suntai’s Loyalists Move to Choreograph 5-Minute Television, Radio Broadcast

Gov Suntai on arrival -Source The CanaryBy Danlami Nmodu
More revelations emerged about attempts by forces loyal to Taraba State Governor, Danbaba Suntai to dig in and frustrate Acting Governor, Garba Umar .Newsdiaryonline.com has learnt after reported to State House of about Suntai’s return as governor, his allies are plotting next move.
Insiders revealed to Newsdiaryonline.com that “ next move after allowing him to rest for three days is to see if they can make Suntai the state both on radio and television.”
“The problem is that Suntai is not strong enough to any long marathon . So the plan is to see even if it is to choreograph his .They plan to put several 30 seconds so of his speech together.The plot is to edit these to produce an that will last between 4 and 5 minutes.The cannot last beyond 5 minutes”,Newsdiaryonline.com was told.
The motive is to give the impression that Suntai is truly back and fit. In addition, “some visits by loyalists to the governor are also being planned to welcome him”.Afterwards, a string of announcements will be made putting Suntai’s trusted people in key positions where they will take control of the state especially the fund.
Our sources said Suntai’s associates are not comfortable with the moves already made by the Acting governor who has sacked people,made appointments and has begun awarding contracts.These contracts are of particular interest to pro Suntai forces who believe if the acting governor is not checked now, he too much war- chest at his disposal and it will be impossible to check him in 2015.
“So pro-Suntai forces want to put all their counter plans in place and later they will fly Suntai to continue with his treatment abroad”,Newsdiaryonline.com was told.A source claimed that some influential powers in Abuja are aware of the entire pro- Suntai plot.
But it appears his associates truly care less about Suntai’s health.It was learnt that what Suntai needs now is thorough rehabilitation to revive his brain.In fact,said an insider,Suntai has attained between 55% and 60% rehabilitation.However there is the fear among who know, that this pressure he is being put under cause a relapse of his condition.
“He slip back if care is not taken especially with all this rowdiness and political pressure .This put his mind in further confusion .It is the brain that the doctors are trying to bring back.He relapse”,a knowledgeable source said.
It is evident from now that the pro- Suntai forces just want to perfect their ethno- political calculations that will keep the governor in office till 2015.Suntai is Christian and Umar , the acting governor is a Muslim.The irony is that Suntai actually sacked his former deputy governor and appointed the present acting governor as his deputy.The governor was sadly injured in a plane crash later.
It also appears Suntai’s allies want a successor they can do business with when the time comes.

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