Exclusive:OBJ-GEJ Rift : Jonathan Beats A Retreat , Moves to Reconcile with ‘Angry, Unwilling Obasanjo’


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By Danlami Nmodu

After what has been described as a failed attempt  by incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan to trade tackles with  former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the incumbent seems to have  chosen to beat a retreat.Contrary to the claims of Presidential  image makers that Jonathan and Obasanjo were having a cordial relationship, Newsdiaryonline.com learnt that the relations got so bad at some point  that Jonathan “was not picking telephone calls from Obasanjo.”It was further learnt that Jonathan’s decision to snub OBJ got the Ota  farmer  “really very angry”.

“There is no doubt that Jonathan tried to take on OBJ for some time, but I think some more experienced people advised the incumbent to avoid any conflict with Obasanjo.That is why there have been attempts in recent times to reconcile with Obasanjo,” a source in Abeokuta who has been monitoring the OBJ-GEJ rift said.

 reports reaching  Newsdiaryonline.com  indicate that  Obasanjo met with Jonathan last week at the instance of Jonathan.Sources said the main item on the table was Jonathan’s attempt to reconcile with the former president who has not hidden his desire to criticize the regime whenever necessary.

No further details were made  available about Jonathan’s meeting with Obasanjo last week,but Newsdiaryonline.com learnt that Alhaji Bamanga Tukur,national chairman of the ruling Peoples ,PDP  also met with the former president ,according to a source “for about three hours after  Jonathan’s meeting with  him.”

In fact ,a political observer in Abeokuta believes Tukur may have been the arrowhead of the recent reconciliatory moves.Some weeks ago ,Tukur  paid a “ visit  to Obasanjo in Ogun state and somehow somebody tipped off some journalists”.That was the occasion OBJ  expressed his resolve to continue to criticize the regime,though he admitted that  Jonathan  remained his president.The Abuja meeting,  therefore, may have been a follow up.

The Abeokuta based observer drew attention to the fact that Jonathan may have  begun to  take  practical steps to placate OBJ.One particular event on  the new ’s eve was the reconstitution of some boards by the federal government.The Ogun based observer said Chief Olabode who was named as chairman of  the National Agricultural Research  Development Council  is an associate of Obasanjo.And given OBJ’s interest in agriculture, the appointment may have been well thought out.

But as  far as the OBJ-GEJ  rift is concerned, politics is the crux of the matter.And the 2015 presidential race is the bone of contention.”Those of us in Abeokuta know that Obasanjo is determined to play the Northern card in 2015”,an  observer said. In plain Language, OBJ is believed to have resolved that the North should actually produce the next president in 2015.And Jonathan and his men are trying  to on the former president to have him support the incumbent who, though wants to run, is yet to announce his 2015 plans publicly.

A highly placed source in Lagos who is conversant  with the intrigues  told Newsdiaryonline.com  that  though  reconciliatory talks between OBJ and GEJ are possible,there are serious doubts  about  what Jonathan  can  achieve  therefrom   given the enormity of the forces at play.

But ’s appointment is an indication that Jonathan may be willing to throw some carrots at the former president.How far that will go in influencing the Ota farmer remains to be seen.

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