Exclusive: Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Condemns Quit Notice To Igbos

By Lawal A Dogara, Kaduna

Renowned Muslim scholar and leader of Darika  group in , Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi condemned the recent quit notice given to the Igbo by an Arewa  youth  group.|

Speaking in an interview Newsdiaryonline in Kaduna, the Sheikh prayed for continued peace and stability among Nigerians, and condemned the recent quit notice to the in the north.

He also sued for moderation on the part of Igbo leaders and their Arewa counterparts, pointing now was the time to promote unity.

He appealed to Igbo leaders to always  educate  their youth on the importance of living  in peace and oneness of the country a view to achieving lasting unity and stability.

Sheikh Bauchi appealed to Nigerians to propagate the gospel of peace and Nigerians always see themselves as brothers  and sisters.

While commenting on the polio immunization in , the Islamic scholar appealed to Muslim to continue presenting their and wards the immunization against polio.

Sheikh Bauchi assured he will continue the fight against Polio and appealed to other Muslim leaders to join the crusade against the scourge so as to achieve the desired result.

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