Exclusive: Failed 3rd Term & Anointment Controversy :PDP Insiders Reveal Why OBJ Actually Chose Yar’Adua

By Danlami Nmodu

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is suddenly  in  the eye of the  storm  on  the heels of reports  in the media  this week that he has  anointed  the  Lamido/Amaechi  presidential ticket for 2015. According to the story, he believes power should shift to the North contrary to the posturing of President  Goodluck Jonathan’s supporters who feel  the incumbent  has a right to stay  beyond 2015.

Though Obasanjo has swiftly denied the report through his media aide, who said there was no iota of truth to the speculation, Newsdiaryonline.com  learnt that politicians who have been wondering why OBJ suddenly resigned from his PDP BOT chairmanship have suddenly woken up from their slumber.Many are convinced  that  indeed the former president is still interested  in who  becomes the next president.Some insiders insist now that  Obasanjo has not given up on his desire to have his way  one way or another after his  third term plot was scuttled.

Some PDP insiders  have in the face of this new anointment controversy   revealed what  they had hitherto held on to as  a party secret. According to one of them , Obasanjo actually did not want to quit  after his 2nd term as President.That was why he selected the very sick Umaru Yar’Adua as the PDP presidential candidate.There was a more intriguing calculation .

According to a top PDP insider, OBJ’ s real reason for Choosing YarAdua has hitherto been unknown to most Nigerians .A source in the party  who revealed the real reason to Newsdiaryonline.com said  that actually  OBJ had all the medical records of YarAdua at his disposal  and it seemed  apparent   from the medical records that YarAdua might  not live beyond two or three months.

So Obasanjo chose YarAdua deliberately expecting a stalemate after the primaries because the calculation was that YarAdua might not even live to stand for election.If YarAdua had died, then Obasanjo would have had the opportunity to stay on account of the stalemate created by the death of the Presidential candidate of one of the parties.He  anointed  YarAdua for  selfish reason, a source said.

PDP insiders  added the hopes of Obasanjo and his real insiders  were raised when there was that rumour of YarAdua’s death after he was rushed abroad for medical attention in the middle of the presidential campaign.According to one of the insiders , the eventual election of Umaru YarAdua  as president was actually contrary to the calculations of Obasanjo .

The former  President’s candidate ,if  he must quit was Peter Odili, former governor of Rivers state.After YarAdua emerged , he tried to make Odili the running mate .That move was frustrated by Nuhu Ribadu then Chairman of EFCC and Nasir El Rufai,FCT ministerat that time .It was their opposition to  Odili that paved way for the emergence of Jonathan as YarAdua’s running mate.The rest is history.

President Obasanjo has  however in recent times  denied seeking  third term in office.But this is contrary assertion by Condi Rice, former US Secretary of State who revealed that the former President actually broached the issue with US president Bush.

This latest controversy over his alleged endorsement of Governors Sule Lamido of Jigawa and Rotimi Amaechi  of River State – which he has denied – is serving as a telling  reminder to some party insiders that the ex president still wants to have a vice grip on the party and the polity against all odds.

Though OBJ has  has clearly denied these latest reports, there are clear hints that many will be more alert henceforth as the ex president’s moves are bound to come under intense scrutiny by politicians. And  even perhaps by Jonathan and his men who may  not wish to be taken by surprise by OBJ henceforth.