Excited worshippers, low turnout as Churches reopen

By Lesley Muosowo Otu

was excitement among worshippers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Sunday as the Federal Government’s order of reopening places of worship took effect.

A visit around some along Airport Road showed an ecstatic but low turnout of worshippers while still remain closed.

At Living Faith Church, AMAC, the usual 2 services had to be spotted into four to comply with the government’s directives on social distances, making a row that would have seven worshippers only accomodated 3 persons.

 And at St. Agnes Catholic Church, Aco Housing Estate where it used to be one on Sunday, was 3 services.

When Newsdiaryonline approached a worshipper, Treasure Katchang is a chorister, she said that instead of the usual one Mass that normally last for about 3-31/2hr, it was splitter to three Massages lasting less one hour each.

“We had to wash our hands and sanitised them before entering the Church auditorium. Then also were no shaking of hands, and no singing but only recitation.

“Everything was brief and even the homily was made short. But most importantly, the congregation was orderly and everyone wore a face mask”, says Treasure.

Dunamis Gospel Church also had more the usual number of services they usually hold on Sundays.
Our source simply named as sister Franca, a Church worker, says anyone without a face mask was politely turned back and to pick one at a nearby sales point.

She said that sellers of face masks made brisk business marketing wares.
When why there was not the usual crowd of worshippers as before, Franca responded by saying that it could be due to misinformation as many do not have access to smartphones that could have emailed them get information.
The same went with like Prophetic Embassy along Panalpina Road behind Aco Estate as worshippers could be seen adhering to healthy and hygienic instructions.

The one thing in all the Churches is strict to social distancing, wearing of face masks, washing of hands and most importantly keeping to government’s orders on timeliness as no went beyond one hour.