Ex -Senator Usman Albishir dies in car crash,Senate President mourns

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Former Senator Usman Albishir has died in a car crash  today.Reports said he was killed in a crash which occurred along the Kano -Zaria road

The ex senator was said to have sustained serious injuries during the crash leading eventually to his death.

Albishir died without fulfilling his ambition which was to become governor of Yobe state.He was a thorn in the flesh of the late Governor Mamman Ali regime in Yobe state as Albishir doggedly challenged the election of Ali .

Albishir eventually lost the legal battle  which continued even after Ali had passed on.

Senate president David Mark literally wept yesterday when the news of the demise of his former colleague Senator Usman  who died in a ghastly motor accident filtered into town,a statement from his media aide said.

Senator Mark noted that late Albishir was a patriotic Nigerian who stood to be counted when it mattered especially when it concerned the well being of Nigerians.An emotion ladden Mark recalled that late Albishir was in very high spirit a fortnight ago  exchanging bantters with colleagues at a public function in Abuja.

“He was a nice man, a fine politician who played politics without bitterness. As a Senator  he distinguished himself a statesman who stood for the truth no matter whose ox was gored. The nation was his constituency”.

Senator Mark  noted that late Albishir was a philantropist who touched the lives of many Nigerians irrespective of ethnic or religious leaning..

He therefore urged the government and people of Yobe state especially the bereaved family to take solace in the fact that late Albishir lived an examplary life worthy of emulation.

“All we need do is to uphold the legacy of selfless service, humility, patriotism, honesty and fairness which Albishir stood for”, Senator Mark maintained.


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