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Evacuate wastes to avert waterborne disease outbreaks, Bauchi govt urged

The District Head of Bauchi metropolis, Alhaji Nura Jumba has called on the state government to intensify efforts at evacuating waste, to avert outbreaks of waterborne diseases in the state.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday, in Bauchi, Jumba expressed worry over the possible outbreak of waterborne diseases in some communities in the state.

He urged government agencies responsible for waste management, its safe handling and final disposal, to consider it as vital in any effective emergency response.

“There is a need for the government to treat waste management, including medical, household and other hazardous waste.  They need to do that as an urgent and essential public service, in order to minimise possible secondary impacts on health and the environment.

“During waterborne disease outbreaks, many types of additional medical and hazardous waste are generated,” Jumba said.

The Community leader said effective waste management required appropriate identification, collection, separation, transportation and storage, in addition to treatment, disposal, and associated aspects that include disinfection and personnel protection.

Jumba emphasised the importance of implementing  measures to solve the water, sanitation and hygiene challenges of the affected areas, including mobilising community and traditional leaders to commit to creating awareness of households on  garbage collection, desludging of latrines.

“Removing the dumped waste in the community and disinfecting would prevent  water-borne disease.

“To also ensure safe drinking water by cleaning the source of potable water through the distribution of chlorine tablets,” he said (NAN)

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