Environmentalist says lockdown huge plus for environment

An environmentalist, Ms Gloria Bulus says the current lockdown on human activities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is a huge plus for the environment.

The Environmetlist also said that the federal and state governments action would cause a reduction in global climate change effects and place the environment at an advantage

Bulus, the founder of Bridge-that-Gap Initiative, an environmental Non- governmental organisation, said this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos.

She noted that human activities has always contributed to the climate change effects but with the lockdown, the environment will also enjoy a much needed rest.

“Experts are of the opinion that human activities contributes largely (almost 100per cent) to climate change.

“The lockdown has seriously reduced daily human activities because streets are now empty, factories are closed, cars are parked and virtually most human activities is at a halt.

“Surely, this has to be good for the environment. Climate advocates/activists have been campaigning and pushing for a change in our lifestyles to a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle which has only few people are adhering to.

“But with the lockdown human footprint on the earth has suddenly lightened, which indicates a positive impact on the climate.

“We are now experiencing cleaner air with little amount of pollution (carbon emissions), our biodiversity is being preserved which implies a more liberated wildlife and even cleaner water.

“The most positive aspect of the lockdown is the reduction in air pollution, especially from vehicles, air planes, industries etc.,” the expert told NAN.