Energy Ministers,Others Attend Altaaqa Global’s Grand Launching

Altaaqa Global Cat Rental , a leading global solutions provider, has successfully launched its brand Barcelona, Spain. The grand launching was attended by several Energy Ministers, Presidents and CEOs of utility companies, Ambassadors and Caterpillar Inc. executives.

“We are delighted that key clients, stakeholders and friends the industry attended our grand launching Europe”, said Steve Meyrick, Managing Director of Altaaqa Global. “It is a great honor to have hosted several Presidents, Ministers and business partners, and shared the goals of the company. Our mission is very clear – to serve our clients with integrity, professionalism and excellence when they require temporary solutions. I envision Altaaqa Global will become one of the best, if not, the leading temporary energy provider in the world by 2020. The future growth of the company lies in its expertise to organically grow its business model, rapidly set -up regional offices in the emerging , and through sound business acquisitions. We are planning to invest a substantial amount of that include equipment, local , and training and development in countries where we will operate.”

Peter den Boogert, General Manager for Business Development of Altaaqa Global, added, “We have the processes and business model, highly skilled power specialists, the latest Caterpillar power , and abundant material to propel the company’s goals in the energy sector. We are bringing new-to-the-market power rental technologies that the power generation industry has never seen before, from fuel efficiency to our proven streamlined operational processes that delivered 24 MW in 96 hours.”

By offering diesel, gas and dual-fuel temporary power plants, Altaaqa Global’s product offerings will have a significant boost in the economy of emerging . To catch up with the demand for power generation, these countries require interim solutions as a stop-gap measure while waiting for the power infrastructure to be built.

According to Robert Bagatsing, Marketing Manager of Altaaqa Global, “Progress has a momentum can’t be stopped. We must be able to provide the amount of power supply to industrial, commercial, and residential communities. Altaaqa Global’s temporary power plants ensure continuous economic growth, avoiding electricity interruption, power outages or load shedding.” The demand in electricity has changed significantly since the 1960s. The use of industrial machines and household powered devices, increased population, high technological advancement, and economic growth has resulted in a need for more power in emerging , particularly in Africa, Latin America, South and East Asia. Bagatsing added, “Electricity shortages around the world are staggeringly high because the power supply can no longer cope with the ever increasing demand. Furthermore, as the power redundancy comes pressure, time for overhauls and maintenance is limited.

An statement said the event highlighted Altaaqa Global’s geographic expansion plans and emphasized its intention to pursue international power projects by investing a huge amount of in countries where it plans to operate. On top of an extensive global CAT dealer network with over 1500 dealer & rental outlets and over 1700 dealer branch stores worldwide, Altaaqa Global plans to set -up regional hubs around the world while rapidly expanding its generator fleet year-on-year.

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